A Thought Provoking Blog Award

Thank you to Arjuna & his blog ‘The Wondrous Dharma’

for the ‘AThought Provoking Blog’ Award nomination…..

This blog offers strong content with an added edge of deeper inquiry….

Please visit for a well-rounded dive into awareness….

This is the perfect opportunity to share

a few new blogs recently discovered…

I invite you to wander through new territory

with these nominations,

allowing a broader perspective to unfold…..

…think, be challenged, grow…


The Beyond Within


Vanishing Narrative

just this

Echoes from Emptiness

this unlit light

the heart of the matter

tin mad dog

Rowing Through Life

New Awards & Celebrating 8 Months of Blogging & Friends Along the Journey

Illuminating Blogger Award

Thanks to Food Stories for

the Illuminating Blogger Award nomination…

What a wonderful & randomly fun award…..thanks for stepping out….

One Random Thing About Me…….I really really really want a ‘tugboat art studio’…..

My Nominations Include…..please visit & meet new blogs….

News of the Times

You Illuminated

Stories & Truth


Professions for Peace

Thanks to Sticky Notes & Quotes for

the Reader Appreciation Award nomination

List something I’ve been up to……

I’m getting my Yoga Teacher Certification!

Please check out their cool blog for a little inspiration every day…..

And In Honor of 8 Months of Blogging,

I’m Celebrating Some of the Great Blogs

I’ve Met Along the Way…….

My Special Nominations

for this award include

Some Old Favorites of Mine…..

Tried & True Blog Connections…..

Heart Winds

Poems & Art by Jason Frost

Certainly Not Lost Down Under

Grandfather Sky


All About Lemon

Caddo Veil

Speaking from the Heart

dream pray act

A Charmed Yogi

Mortal Hearts With Immortal Souls

Vertical Leap

GYA Today

Five Reflections

Julie Catherine

Thanks to Hickersonia & Resting in Awareness

for the Sunshine Award……

Both of these contemplative blogs lead a little pause into your day….

Please visit….a worthwhile blog experience….

My Special Nominations

for this award include

Some More Old Favorites of Mine…..

Tried & True Blog Connections…..

Rumpy Dog

Dou Dou

Fierce Buddhist

Freedom to a Full Life

Yoga Care Challenge

Namaste Consulting

Serene One

Living In the Now

The Writernubbin


Real True Love


Warrior Poet Wisdom

Meaning Western Life

Bluegrass Notes

Also from Resting in Awareness….

a Very Inspiring Blogger Award….

Thank you again…..

And More Old Favorites of Mine…..

Tried & True Blog Connections…..

clearskies, bluewater

pocket perspectives

zen and the art of tightrope walking

Mind Mindful

Simply Charming

Global Light Minds

Fun and Fabulousness

lady bluerose

Seek the Sacred Amidst the Ordinary

Aurora Morealist

My Own Avalon


Strange Trip Times


Sloppy Buddhist

Sonali Dalal

Divine Rhythm

Pain is an Illusion

Mindful Balance

Lead. Learn. Live.

Sunshine Award #4

 The Sunshine Award

 Thanks to Wendy at Meaningful Western Life for nominating me

for my 4th Sunshine Award….I am honored to share this award with other

 ‘bloggers who positively & creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.’

Wendy’s blog, courageous & soulful,

takes on the daunting task of finding joy

 in between our crowded, busy & overly-defined spaces.

Please take a minute to explore her discoveries…

Here in cyberspace, we give awards to open our space a little wider…

exploring our connections…

Thank the person who nominated you & link back….

answer the 7 questions….

nominate 10 other extra special blogs with a link…

Favorite Color – Copper & Teal

Favorite Animal – Manatee

Favorite Number – 7

Favorite Drink – Green tea

Facebook or Twitter – Neither

Your Passion – Living Well

Giving or getting presents – Giving

Favorite Pattern – Wave

Favorite Day – Sunday

Favorite FlowersA Recent Post All About Flower Power

Extra Special Blogs…(no particular order)

Kana’s Chronicles 

Hug Trip


Self Blossoming

Spiritual Baby Steps


Up Front Men Blog

A Winsome Journey

Awakening to the Dance

Atomic Potential

2 Inspiring Blog Awards

 With Gratitude to Simply CharmingMy Own Avalon

for nominating me for the

Very Inspiring Blogger Award…

This is special….

Sunshine’s blog, of Simply Charming, is as she says, ‘growing in grace, love, & gratitude’…her own voice…

Sirenia, of My Own Avalon, has an indescribable, mysterious, & ethereal blog…quite lovely…..beautiful poetry…

Please visit their unique blogs….

This award finds me grateful to be part of a supportive community….

Thank the person who nominated you with a link…

Share 7 things about yourself….

And share your inspiration with 7 other

equally inspirational bloggers & link…

My Nominations (in no particular order)…

Please visit these carefully chosen blogs…enjoy & congratulate…

DF Barker Restless Art


Redwater Ramblings


Clearskies, Bluewater

Sarmoung’s Blog

Source of Inspiration

Quips About Me

Traveling to Italy this year.
I volunteer with Hospice.
I love to read…always have a stack in progress (no kindles please)
I make mixed-media art…altered books, altered boxes, assemblage, & collage.
Inspired by rain, fog, thunderstorms & wind.
Inspired by the Spiritual Cinema Circle films.
Red wine, a beach walk & a sunset…perfect.

Sunshine Award #3

Thanks to Jen at Namaste Consulting Inc.

for nominating me for my 3rd Sunshine Award….

An honor coming from her much needed, thoughtful & informative blog…

I have come to count on it for making me think….

great resources & a place to connect….

Her work on grief counseling is invaluable….Please check out her insightful blog..

This award allows us to take the time to honor each other

& connect to new friends…

Answer the following questions….

Nominate 10 other blogs with links…

Thank the person who nominated you with a link…

Favorite Color – Copper & Teal

Favorite Animal – Manatee

Favorite Number – 7

Favorite Drink – Green tea

Facebook or Twitter – Neither

Your Passion – Living Well

Giving or getting presents – Giving

Favorite Pattern – Wave

Favorite Day – Sunday

Favorite FlowersA Recent Post All About Flower Power

Worthwhile Blogs (in no particualr order) 

 5 Nominees for this One….

Please Visit, Congratulate, Make New Friends…

Have A Dream

400 Days ‘Til 40



Under the Lotus Tree

ABC Award #2

With gratitude to Steph hangin’ out at Certainly Not Lost Down Under

for including me in her nominations for my

2nd awesome blog content award…..

awards are a wonderful way to connect & thank other bloggers……

Please check out Steph’s blog….she puts energy & thought into her unassuming & clever impressions & her unique mix of musical flair & poetry is always worth checking out…..I’m thrilled when she posts a new compositional snippet!

the abc award allows us to get to know a little about each other..

send as many nominations out as you’d like with links…

thank the person who nominated you & link back…

& reveal a little something about yourself through the alphabet…

My ABC Revelations…


ferris wheels….gentle…holistic…innovative…jung…karma…lucky…



Special Blogs (in no particular order)…

Worthy of Checking Out & A Little Congratulations…

Daydreamer Too

Michael Wood

Manipal’s Photo Blog

Mindfulbalance Blog

RamOram’s Blog

Versatile Blogger Award #2


Much gratitude to Katrina at Freedom to a Full Life for my second nomination for a Versatile Blogger Award

Please visit Katrina’s blog for a worthwhile visit full of sincere & thoughtful topics….I’ve been following her for sometime….a big heart & inspiration to all…

This award is designed to connect us, inspire us, & to help us to find each other in blog land….

My nominations include a wonderful array of intriguing stops along the way

(no particular order)…

Please take a moment to visit….

Journey Back to Words


La Navigatrice Solitaire

Nothing of Mentality

Marianne MacGregor


Global Light Minds

Wild Words Artist

A Tranquil Place

A Charmed Yogi

7 Things About Me…

I  travel a lot

My cat may be my best friend

I love all things winged

I love to cook

I’m studying to be a yoga instructor

 Long walks are a necessity

I really want a treehouse

Please pass on a thank you with a link to the one who nominated you….pass on 7 things about yourself….& nominate 10-15 blogs with links you are excited about….

Thanks to all!

Sunshine Award #2

Thank you to Nocturne Firefay for my second nomination for the Sunshine Award…

This blog stands out in beauty & aliveness….please visit for her lovely & skillful writing….I particularly like her descriptive voice….’random sparks & tickles’….

Another great way to connect our blogs, our inspirations, our stories….

My nominations for worthwhile blog visits include…(in no particular order…)

Please visit, enjoy & congratulate…

Busking the Silence

Blissful Basil

Life Between the Lines

Far Away From Here

Pain is an Illusion

Experiences on the Couch

Lead. Learn. Live.

Mike’s Look at Life

Open Life Studio


10 Questions to Share

favourite colour – copper & teal

favourite animal –  manatee

favourite number- 7

favourite non alcoholic drink- green tea

Facebook or twitter- neither

my passion-  living well

getting or giving presents- giving

favourite pattern- wave

favourite day of the week-  Sunday

favourite flower- passion flower

Please follow with a thank you & a link back

to the one who nominated you….answer the 10 questions…..

& pass on the award to 10 others with a link

who capture your attention….