I love concept words. Anything that unearths the surface of things. Anything that questions our everyday assumptions. Anything that celebrates unique perspective and deeper intent. Anything that surprises and delights.

I had a recent fascination with the word ubuntu…..but I’m gonna tease a bit and save that for another day. Funny though how ubuntu and gezzelig intercept…

a friend along the way...

Today’s captivating word is gezzelig. Impossible to define, this Dutch word, adverb, verb and ‘idea,’ reveals itself in moments. Snapshots. It is also a quest. A quest to find this feeling. You want gezzelig in your life.

You know you’re having a gezzelig moment when you forget about yourself, the moment, your crazy mental chatter, and your worries. You know it when you breathe easy. You know it when you’re laughing. You know it when you’re not rushing to the next thing, event, problem or goal.

This is not a trite concept. A way of life. Not just a simple picnic. A ‘wondermous’ picnic. Not a joy ride. An adventure. It’s about anything you ‘know’ to be gezzelig. Some of your best moments were probably heightened by gezzelig.

We will all have our own gezzelig, but it’s also about community connection. Another paradox. Slippery.

Anyone want to share a gezzelig moment?

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