the voice of holding on….killing the scream…

holding on to the last day's rays

We can be lost intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. It’s not unusual to feel lost in the middle of our lives while sitting in our own living room. Lost souls. But being lost is not at all a bad thing….if you know how to benefit from it spiritually. In the Western world, where ‘progress is our most important product,’ we are encouraged from our earliest years to know exactly where we are at all times & precisely where we are going. When wandering, there is immense value in ‘finding ourselves lost’ because we can find something when we are lost, we can find our selves. Indeed, the deepest form of wandering requires that we be lost. The art of being lost is not a mattter of merely getting lost, but rather being lost & enthusiastically surrendering to the unlimited potential of it. This ushers you more fully into the now. Your life then suddenly suffers a radical simplification. You quiet down inside & it becomes easier to hear the voice of the soul…..Bill Plotkin

The ‘path’ we are on is such an illusion…

it’s kind of like dreams about falling…then waking up…

it’s kind of like running out of chocolate….then pretending it’s ok…

it’s kind of like sitting down in the middle of your mess, giving up…..then finally asking for help….

holding on to the the last day’s rays….savor that last bit of light….

It is the universal statement of a star,

the message Orion

has carried

in winter

through the ages:

It is the dark

which illuminates

…Lyn Dalebout

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