quarks & quirks & quirky meanings


You can run around your mind 3 times, chanting on and on, and you still won’t run out of assumptions.

….Nancy Evans Bush

way up in those clouds, yes, way up….there they are…..all of those lofty assumptions, all of that projection, can rise up and slip away from those slippery in between spaces we call staunch values or heartfelt notions…..this spaciousness is what is really called for, the space between our suffering and our letting go…..

Despite the radical discoveries of quantum mechanics concerning the nature of reality, many physicists continue to believe in ‘material realism,’ the view that there is a solid reality that can be described in terms of either elementary particles or superstrings. Others, who have grappled more with the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics, argue that the quantum paradoxes indicate that the ultimate nature of reality will forever remain veiled. But is this idea of a veiled reality really so different from the materialist view? Buddhism contends that if we want to grasp the true nature of reality, we must engage much more fully with philosophical conundrums that quantum physics has revealed…..M. Ricard & T. Thuan

elements & pure experience

We question deeply by listening to what is offered and surfacing its meaning and usefulness through further questioning and honest dialogue. The way Audubon questioned the flight of birds through his endless sketching. The Gandhi questioned the authority of a century by walking barefoot to the sea. The way the maid Janabai became a great teacher and poet while grinding wheat in 14th century Pandharpur. The way great healers tune in to the braille of the body with their fingers. The way my friend’s small child wants to know why the colors of the leaves don’t splash into each other when they mix on the ground. The way the same child as a teenager will ask me the same thing about all of our feelings. The way the old woman who survived the war would listen to those who sought her out and by evening sigh, ‘What you say is true. But every trouble wants to draw the very best of you into the world.’ How might you practice questioning deeply? Think of a deep question as a door that opens between you and what you experience, not as a veiled way to criticize or take things apart, or as a strategy to bide some time till we can pursue our own agenda. What can you ask that will open that door? What can you ask that will let you enter what has been opened? A sign of a good question is that the questioner is more alive for having asked it….Mark Nepo

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