our spacious view


The most basic experience of Silence is intimacy. We feel an intimacy with the world, as if we are within everything around us rather than behind or alongside things that we are then looking at. This mantle of touch brings us to the living truth of our being. We know who we are in a completely non-self conscious way. We feel how we, in our individuality, are part of a vast and mysterious world process. And when we cultivate Silence to the point that we are consciously within it rather than imagining that it is in us, we cannot be other than we are. The imagination of being within us emanates from the loss of the touch of Silence, for without sensing this intimate touch we too easily think we are whatever we want to be or others want us to be. Silence keeps us intimately bound with the truth of our being, constantly conveying  to us in a bodily way that our individual and unique presence as soul, spirit, and body intermingles with the world and, at the same time, lives a free and independent existence.  ~Robert Sardello

becoming and settling into our bones requires a little patience and…….space like a vista of blooms….

In a space of absolute silence, Absolute darkness. Absolute emptiness. When time stands still. While even breath ceases. What if I could stay? Staying in the activity of the unity, not just the memory of the unity. Here, I would recognize that there is a point at which, even with the wholeness of a body, I can permeate solitude (the communion in space), darkness (the offering of the light), the measure of time (the proclamation of the creative word). Thus Novalis says, “I am you.”  ~Cheryl Sanders-Sardello

in our space

I looked inwards
and the beauty of my
own emptiness
filled me until dawn.

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