equinimous choice

1-DSC02957 2

When you regarded me

Your eyes imprinted your grace in me,

In this, you loved me again,

And thus my eyes merited

To also love what you see in me.

Let us go forth together to see ourselves in Your beauty.

~St. John of the Cross

we may find that what is applicable for one part of our journey is defunct for another…..we shall find many surprising blessings along the way…..

inquiry for today~ reflect on your intuitive ability to sense and notice and dream and hold paradox

tumultuous necessities

The more awareness and the more sensitivity, the more need for balance with equanimity and understanding- even saying to yourself, “Oh, this is just the way it is” may help. The Buddha says compassion is a quivering of the heart which, when it’s not balanced with equanimity, is quite painful. When compassion is not balanced with wisdom it is very painful- and for me, I get out of balance. That can be quite difficult and as a result I feel very alone sometimes.  ~Noah Levine

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