the humble task of mending


I leave the bedroom; I begin walking

through my house. I will traverse it

many times today like a creature

covering her turf. It is a journey

that zigzags and returns upon itself,

a circumambulation, a re-remembering of place.

I know this is the way many ancients prayed,

circling a holy site to deepen their devotion.

The floor in this house is wood- wide, old boards.

When I walk I am walking on the wood and in the woods.

I am walking on the life of these trees.

They have been cut and planed- offered up

for this sheltering.

~Gunilla Norris

sometimes our hearts are listless and the world is too wide…..

inquiry for today~¬† notice the light in your rooms at certain times of day… soft can the healing be?


The stage of my life has changed; old doors are

closed and new ones now stand open.

Though I may have seen this space before, I now come to

make it mine, to call it home.

Hello and greetings to the heart and soul of this new setting.

I honor this place that will shelter me, and I embrace

the changes and opportunities that this move invites

into my life.

~Noela Evans


2 thoughts on “the humble task of mending

    • and it’s becoming even more vital as we lose the “how” to live more in tune……how do we become more mindful/less wasteful? thanks g.f.s….

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