the way shadows veil the dawn

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Mythologist Joseph Campbell describes the descent as a perilous journey into the dark, crooked lanes of our own spiritual labyrinth. Campbell likens the mythological descent to the classical spiritual way of mystics, which involves a purification of the senses, a humbling of the ego, and a concentration of the attention. And at every stage, the encounter with the shadow is an initiatory step. This psychic movement inward and downward, toward the deep darkness, is like entering holy place, which requires metamorphosis. We cannot bring the persona, which is adapted to the upper world, into the underworld. And this act of symbolic death brings new life, the birth of the Self. If you have made a descent, who did you find at the bottom of the abyss? What was the nature of your dismemberment? What permitted your rebirth?   ~Connie Zweig

drifting in and out of reality is sometimes necessary to free the heart from the sneaky perpetuators of the black and white stories we try to mold ourselves around….

inquiry for today~   listen closely for your holy place to reveal itself to you in the waking moments of dawn….slip into the horizon….into your own shadows……

long, cool, shadows

I am not a mechanism, an assembly of various sections.

And it is not because the mechanism is working wrongly

that I am ill.

I am ill because of wounds to the soul,

to the deep emotional self

and the wounds to the soul take a long, long time,

only time can help and patience,

and a certain difficult repentance

long difficult repentance, realization of life’s mistake,

and the freeing oneself

from the endless repetition of the mistake

which mankind at large has chosen to sanctify.

~D.H. Lawrence

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