mistaken beliefs


As you engage in exploring your own spiritual biography, you’ll come to see that you have already glimpsed grace many times, felt its sustaining and healing brush against and within you, known the transformative and liberative power of its movement in and through and as you. Grace has enabled whatever healing we’ve experienced thus far, whatever degree of inner peace and freedom we feel in this moment. We can gratefully acknowledge the grace of our heart’s yearning that led us to begin a spiritual journey in the first place. Exploring our life from th perspective of its transformative shifts can evoke and nurture courage and inspiration- even delight. We begin to trust and have confidence in the exquisite, indestructible attraction of our love for the sacred and the sacred’s love for us. Awakening is a love story, the ultimate tantra. Our confidence deepens as we own our experience as that of an awakening being- no matter how fumbling it may appear to our own judgmental mind, no matter how different from our glorified image of awakening. Recognizing this, discouragement and self-doubt begin to dissolve. We shed what is inessential as our essential nature emerges, each distillation bringing us closer to truth.   ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

we’ve heard much about our essential nature……have we actually met that wise self?

inquiry for today~   the inquisitive, frightened, work of art that is you can breathe a little more easily today knowing that intention and development meet in the middle way……

what you’ve embodied

Allow what you have already been given to blossom in you and open at greater and greater depths.    ~Sogyal Rinpoche

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