this new year


In accepting yourself, you’re simply agreeing to the fact that you are already accepted by the entire universe, just as you are.
~Ruben L. F. Habito

how do you reflect?…self-judgment, magical thinking, wishes, goal setting, lists….

inquiry for today~   for all you’ve loved and lost……feeling into the sense that all is simply enough……you are enough…..

birthing love in the new year

Intention combined with detachment leads to life-centered, present-moment awareness. And when action is performed in present-moment awareness, it is most effective. Your intent is for the future, but your attention is in the present. As long as your attention is in the present, then your intent for the future will manifest, because the future is created in the present. You  must accept the present as is. Accept the present and intend the future. The future is something you can always create through detached intention, but you should never struggle against the present. One-pointed intention is that quality of attention that is unbending in its fixity of purpose. One-pointed intention means holding your attention to the intended outcome with such unbending purpose that you absolutely refuse to all obstacles to consume and dissipate the focused quality of your attention. Your are able to maintain an unshakable serenity while being committed to your goal with intense passion.    ~Deepak Chopra

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