writing down all that we avoid


As far as I am concerned, I am simply making every effort to make you free from everybody − including me − and so just be alone on the path of searching.  ~Osho

the critical mind overexamines, overindulges with great excuses, and interferes without authenticity…….

inquiry for today~   less is about lengthening our state of presence……what else?

how beauty gives back

The process of healing arises inside us. But healing, whether physical or psychological, needs to be eased and supported. Rest, silence, space for just being, help us recover. Full healing is a deep regeneration, a radical change that fills us with vitality, well-being, and joy, that opens new possibilities in our life and transforms our worldview. Healing is a varied and mysterious process. It arises in the depths of our being, and has its own life.     ~Piero Ferrucci

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