here under still water


I form the dust of my ancestors, though the chemist’s analysis may not detect it. I go forth to redeem the meadows they have become.    ~Thoreau

when those waves of strange feelings come upon you…..when you cannot explain your deepest, wild heart…..

inquiry for today~   don’t give in to anything less than poetic renderings when it comes to edging toward your truth……

an array of perceptions

Because the field of the heart is so sensitive, everything that touches it causes it shift its form. Its quality alters with each touch of the world. These alterations are ripples of waveforms- caused by living touches from the external world- traveling over the surface of and throughout the heart-field. Just as the moon is reflected in the still water of a pool, these ripples are reflections from the world around us.   ~Stephen Harrod Buhner

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