in spite of doubt

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The soul is the beginning of all things.

It is the soul that lends all things movement.


there is a way to be….and then tomorrow comes…..and then there’s another way….

inquiry for today~   sense yourself instead of thinking your way through the day…..

who are you when you forget?

Being an individual requires having a room of one’s own, not because it is one’s possession, but because only there, in solitude, away from the pressure of others, can one develop the features and styles that differentiate one’s own being from others. Integrity comes to be associated with difference; this idea, always implicit in individuality, of preserving one’s right against the encroachment of others within one’s own society, emerges as dominant… Conscientious consciousness is then the transparent eye that illuminates the substance of social life.

Presences are the return of the unchartable soul. They are a mode of attending, being present to one’s experiences, without dominating or controlling them.

Understanding other conceptions of persons puts one on the way of being them; but understanding presences — if indeed there is understanding of them to be had — does not put one any closer to being one. It cannot be achieved by imitation, willing, practice, or a good education. It is a mode of identity invented precisely to go beyond of achievement and willfulness.

~Amelie Rorty

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