when you forget what you know


Among many of my friends we often speak of “doing the work.” We are dedicated to doing this work. What the work is takes different forms, but we sense a common spiritual purpose connecting our efforts. When one of us falters, the others remind him or her. “You have a purpose. Do your work. Rest here. Find peace of mind. Ask for guidance. Fill yourself with certainty. then move on.” The work does not need to be grand, only fitting. It is guided by asking ourselves over and over: What is the next right thing?

~Christina Baldwin

there is no living called for except for the one we are living now…….that is the total escape….the kind calling….

inquiry for today~   how do you remember you are enough?

no drama needed

Each person lies in their bed, restless,

calling an unknown name.

An angel comes to each and every one

and says: “Choose one hand,” its own hands

shimmering behind its back.

“In the right is life, in the left

death, called emptiness.” At that moment

sobs are heard all over the earth,

and in the heavenly spheres

a rain of tears.

In the dream I am weeping,

For the angel has no hands,

only wings; and each person gazes

at their own palms, purified and glowing.

One hand holds a spark, the other

a dry coal. Each person

spreads their wings.

The earth is created, and moves u

on our journey

toward remembering.

~Susan Litwak

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