and then love came around

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As we realize spiritual oneness, the holding patterns in our senses gradually dissolve, and we begin to receive the whole picture. We are able to rest in the balance of internal and external experience, and the world around us becomes increasingly vivid and meaningful. There is a mysterious and satisfying harmony in the “multimedia” experience of each moment. The process of freeing the senses can be even more challenging than letting go of other types of holding patterns, because it actually changes the world in which we live.   ~Judith Blackstone

and when we feed the ways of love….

inquiry for today~  how will you become that which you seek? how will you trust your own capacity to love?

how did I spend my time today?

Victor Frankl was a Jewish psychotherapist who was a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps from 1942-1945. Dr. Frankl wrote about his experiences in Man’s Search for Meaning. Frankl noticed that you could not convince someone to stay alive by telling him that he was going to get something from the world, that some happiness awaited him in the future. However, if you could help a person see that the world expected something of him, that there was some good he could do in his lifetime, he would almost always choose life. One of the reasons that giving more than we take is one of the secrets to happiness and purpose is because we have a great deal of control over what we give (but almost none over what we get). Each day, we have the power to give without limit. We can choose kindness, to serve, to love, to be generous, and to leave the world better in some way.   ~John Izzo

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