where we are unbroken


The circle can hold shadow work on the condition that even in chaos, everyone maintains the infrastructure. Resilience in the presence of shadow cannot be formulaic because human beings are not formulaic. The nature of shadow is that it shows up differently every time and differently in every person and so requires that we handle it differently as well. The more disturbance comes into the container, the more strongly we need to hold ourselves and each other accountable, to direct charged emotions energetically toward the center and not toward each other, to call on the guardian to call for pauses and slow us down as we move through the eye of the storm, and for willing leaders to be sitting in every chair.

~Christina Baldwin

when we listen well, we don’t need to speak to validate….

inquiry for today~   come to your day-to-day circle and witness strength, enlivened wisdom, and cherished honoring……

back to center

Holding space in circle means staying engaged and present with one another while we undergo a process of self-inquiry. We are listening and noticing each other’s contributions deeply, with empathy, and managing our own judgmental stream, bringing ourselves back to presence. This is a form of love- and it doesn’t have to be personal; it often occurs with strangers. When we love others in this way, we provide a space in which they can simply be able to feel what they need, to speak without worrying about how they will be perceived. It is a true gift. In some ways, it is seeing not only through someone else’s eyes but also in a way that transcends this.

~Martin Siesta


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