harsh & within reason

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For the momentous truth is that the spirit, the Tao, the divine reality must not be sought as something for away, separate from us, in a heaven to which we may ascend only after death; but rather as something close at hand, forever, and forever in the inmost of us: “more interior to us,” as Thomas Aquinas says, “than we are to ourselves.” Thus the holiness of life is not a kind of attribute but inherent in the divine nature of the ground, the divine spirit of man.

~John Lane

we do not need to reflect each other….we need to allow each other’s reflections to shine, to be dissonant, to be shattered now and again…

inquiry for today~    fold in and in the spirit of fighting and digression, enlist your heart to be cracked wide open……here you can see me and feel your own ground of being…..

how you know it’s me

In a circle of trust- whose ground rules forbid us from confronting and correcting each other- a remarkable thing happens: we confront and correct ourselves! To put it more precisely, the inner teacher confronts and corrects us. In such a circle, we feel safe enough to put forth tentative and fragile insights. Here we have a chance, over time, to sit quietly with our own and other people’s thoughts- a chance to see how our insights relate to the larger pattern of the group and to determine how much of that pattern we wish to embrace as our own. Slowly, organically, my sense of true and false, right and wrong, has a chance to evolve, a fabric of life woven on the loom called a circle of trust. Truth evolves within us, between us, and around us as we participate in “the eternal conversation.”

~Parker Palmer

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