your day is the perfect day

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Whenever you find yourself using self-compassion to try to make the pain go away or to become a “better person,” try shifting your focus away from this subtle form of resistance and practice compassion simply because we’re all imperfect human beings, living imperfect lives. And life is hard. In other words, practice being a “compassionate mess.”

By simply asking the question “What do I need now?” you allow yourself a moment of self-compassion, even if you can’t find an answer or don’t have the ability to meet your needs at the time.

Mindfulness is a core component of self-compassion. Mindfulness focuses primarily on acceptance of experience itself. Self-compassion focuses more on caring for the experiencer. Mindfulness asks, “What am I experiencing right now?” Self-compassion asks, “What do I need right now?”

Mindfulness and self-compassion both allow us to live with less resistance toward ourselves and our lives. If we can fully accept that things are painful, and be kind to ourselves because they’re painful, we can be with the pain with greater ease.

~Kristin Neff

what if for today, everything was simply ok without fixing yourself?

inquiry for today~   find your moment to shine today- just for yourself….

wake up to your real life

We can hardly bear to look. The shadow may carry the best of the life we have not lived. Go into the basement, the attic, the refuse bin. Find gold there. Find an animal who has not been fed or watered. It is you. This neglected, exiled animal, hungry for attention, is a part of your self.

~Marion Woodman

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