ok. Easter Dawn. what alights?

how I listen.jpg

Knowing that life is extremely short and precious, we sometimes get carried away by our desire to do something meaningful with our life. To worry about life being meaningful is a little bit like worrying about insomnia. The more we worry, the more sleep escapes us. In the end, it’s often best to forget our grandiose ideas. It has been said that to practice true spirituality is to forget oneself. Once we know how to truly forget ourselves, what’s left is an extraordinary peace. In the ultimate sense that is nothing to be done except to learn how to enjoy life. With that attitude our life becomes graceful and the radiance of that inner peace flows freely.

~Anam Thubten

what inhabits these inner layers?

inquiry for today~   maybe there’s a little time to forget how and to remember why…..how is this bright Easter morning insightful?

incomplete thoughts

One of my conclusions is that there are two great tasks of a human life: to find ourselves and to lose ourselves. We find ourselves by discovering our destiny and being true to ourselves. Yet is it to enough to find ourselves, we also must lose ourselves.

The loss of self is about seeing that we are connected to something much greater, something that had a life before us and that will have a life after us. There are many names for this phenomenon in the spiritual traditions, but the common element is the loss of the self as an entity of great significance. There is no better way to lose ourselves that to dedicate our life to giving, to leaving the world better than we found it. This connects us to the future and links us to the past.

~John Izzo


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