wise after all

how will it unfold

We imagine that if we become really spiritual, we will never be afraid or angry, or even grieve or fret. We want to live int he world yet be untouched by challenges, projecting a wise and loving Buddha-like veneer, living with perfect peace.

Like everyone else, great spiritual teachers experience conflict and trouble with those around them. Buddha did. So did Jesus, the Dalai Lama, and mother Teresa. They also get migraines, backaches, diabetes, heart conditions, depression. Beloved masters like Suzuki Roshi, the 16th Karma, And Ramana Maharshi all died of cancer. The awakened heart is not found through some ideal of perfection, but by bringing love to it all: praise and blame, gain and loss, joy and sorrow.

There is a difference between an archetype or ideal and our humanity. You are perfectly yourself. The gifts you seek of love and compassion are not in faraway India. They are always here waiting for you.

~Jack Kornfield

what does it mean to offer unconditional positive regard?

inquiry for today~   imagine an inner freedom- complete with ease and lighthearted comfort in the midst of every struggle…..

our layers of worthiness

People often enter our meditation community with the expectation that everyone will be kind, thoughtful, and generous. We’re a spiritual group, after all! They can become disillusioned and disappointed when their fellow meditations make insensitive or judgmental remarks, get offensive about being “right,” and lock into conflict. They can also become disillusioned when they come fact-to-face, once again, with their own feelings of roundedness and with their familiar ways of getting offended, of creating distance with others.

But even when habits of blaming or defensiveness arise, something profound can change if those involved bring a committed presence to what is happening. This is when community becomes a refuge- a place of true awakening. As we relax and trust this belonging to the web of life, we recognize the one awareness that shines through each being. Our spiritual friends open the way to the inner refuge of unconditional loving presence.

~Tara Brach

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