why we need each other

where I've been.jpg

If your everyday practice is to open to your emotions,

to all the people you meet,

to all the situations you encounter,

without closing down, trusting that you

can do that- then that will take you as far

as you can go. And then you’ll understand

all the teachings that anyone has ever taught.

~Pema Chodron

can you imagine being in the midst of the deepest teachings?

inquiry for today~   there is nothing too small for enrichment, for opening, for engendering aliveness…..

rich illusions

One of the main ways that self-compassion translates into forgiveness is through the recognition of our common humanity. When we gain insight into interconnectedness, we see that innumerable factors continually influence who we are and what we do. We begin to see how impossible it is to completely blame any one individual for anything- ourselves included. Each conscious being rests at the nexus of a vast number of interwoven causes and conditions that influence their behavior. This insight is often the key that allows us to forgive ourselves and others, letting go of anger and resentment and engendering compassion for all.

~Kristen Neff

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