impulses arise & pass away

Just simply being alive evokes emotions. We experience one emotion after another every single moment fo the day: delight in watching a sunrise, frustration at getting stalled in traffic, resentment when a coworker takes credit for an idea we came up with, terror for the future when a spouse or child gets a life-threatening diagnosis.

Whether we like having these emotions or not, whether we trust them or know what to do with them or not, our feelings constantly filter our perceptions and guide (or sometimes misguide) our responses to all of our experiences. In that way, our emotions play an integral role in our resilience.

When the self-regulating capacity of your brain is functioning well, you can inhabit or quickly recover a felt sense of centeredness, ease, and well-being after an upsetting event. You regain your equilibrium. From there you can perceive clearly what’s triggering your emotions and discern what a wise response to those triggers would be.

~Linda Graham

from meditation to the discomfort of overwhelming, restless emotions….I name them, I study them, I listen to them, I move on….

inquiry for today~ it’s ok to be squirmy and unsettled…..its ok to be in this deep space of listening…….

how contentment opens my eyes

Once we see mind hindrances as energies, we are able to deal with them skillfully. We can recognize them, we can understand them, we can make thoughtful decisions about them, and we can act wisely in relation to them. we stop feeling attacked by them. When I’ve been overwhelmed by a mind energy, I have felt as if a giant hand has come from nowhere, grasped my mind, and shaken it mercilessly. Now, when I experience difficult mind states that I cannot control, I know their source is in my own mind and that nothing happens externally. Even when a clearly external event has triggered the response of fear or sadness that has manifested as anger, it is essentially the grid of the mind that has shaped that response.

Knowing that negativity or aversion is a transient energy never means to ignore it. It means to see it clearly, always, and work with it wisely.

~Sylvia Boorstein

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