charmed & blessed

There is an unconsciousness in people that itself is unconscious. WE don’t realize that we are unconscious about things that really matter. We are not aware that we go through life often not thinking about things that need to be considered and processed. In day-to-day activities we react rather than reflect. The capacity to reflect well and deeply on daily life is an achievement. You might expect to be better at ti as you get older because experience has taught you some things. To reflect well you have to be comfortable with a degree of solitude, because reflection requires some quiet and aloneness. You may need tolerance for that kind of solitude. It can age you well and give you character.

~Thomas Moore

how to feel more alive….this is the act of a lifetime…

inquiry for today~ did you know how to question your life before you needed to?

natural moods

You could never find your way to the soul, not matter how many roads you traveled, so profound is its meaning.


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