to widen our view of what is true



So often we run from feeling and yet it is only through feeling that we can know the depth of life. Only through feeling can we hold the smallest shell or bone and feel the tug of the Universe. Such raw being aches, for, as the Buddhists say, the bareness of being here is so full. I wake with this rawness and watching you sleep, I’m stopped before I start. Before I dress, I lose why I’m going anywhere. Yet wherever the day takes me- pausing to hold the groceries with the old man who packs them or seeing the neighbor’s child at the kitchen table doing homework as I walk our dog or pulling over to watch the small horse breathe his cloud over the fence- everywhere this bareness illumines. With no way to that bareness but through feeling and the listening that feeling opens. Some say I get lost in this feeling, this listening. But only if I think I know where I’m going, only if I think I know what I’m listening for. Through this bareness of being, we refresh our openness and enliven our innate connection to the one living sense. Through our unblocked, sincere response to life, we can tune our inner person with the great mysteries…….Mark Nepo

it goes against the cultural norm to witness this life as a beginner….to not be so tied to our convictions, but instead, to be open and vulnerable…….it takes such courage to invite in the wind……

It is the attainment of harmony that is called heaven, and the lack of it that is termed hell. The harmony of life can be learned in the same way as the harmony of music. As with everything else in a person’s life, there comes a change in voice with every step forward in spiritual evolution. And so every experience in life is an initiation. Any pain or suffering is a preparation, and just as one must first tune a violin to play it, so the heart must be tuned in order to express wisdom…..Hazrat Inayat Khan

clear & integral virtue

you are eternity
and you are the mirror.
…..Khalil Gibran

from here to there


With open palms,
I walk into the fire of life.
The soul needs no shelter from the sun.
I remember that everything is a part of me.
…..Celeste Labadie

so much of us resides in our heads….when we create a little space between head and heart, we somehow create possibility as well…..dreams and visions live here…..the interbeing of dynamic ‘reality’……

Self knowledge is not fully possible for human beings. We do not reside in a body, a mind or a world where it is achievable or from the point of being interesting, even desirable. Half of what lies in the heart and mind is potentiality, resides in the darkness of the unspoken and unarticulated and has not yet come into being: this hidden unspoken half of a person will supplant and subvert any present understandings we have about ourselves. Human beings are always, and always will be, a frontier between what is known and what is not known. The act of turning any part of the unknown into the known is simply an invitation for an equal measure of the unknown to flow in and reestablish that frontier: to reassert the far horizon of an individual life; to make us what we are – that is – a moving edge between what we know about ourselves and what we are about to become. What we are actually about to become or are afraid of becoming always trumps and rules over what we think we are already…….David Whyte

don’t need doubt

What if we deliberately took the time to listen hard to the silence, to pick up whispers of potentiality, gentle and quiet clouds of hope, noiseless butterfly-wings of promise?

In the stillness, maybe we can hear other worlds beckoning, more beautiful than can yet be fully expressed in wise words and wise actions, much as we should try…..Cindy Milstein


escape into the real dream



Drink the oil from an olive
and uncoil because you,
you are just like me.
You’ve got golden poppies
on your breath and
honeybees flowing
straight from your ovaries.
You’re in full bloom babe,
pure as a pearl and soft as a peach.
Like when you were just a child.

…Georgie Abel

like a cat, we can sit and wait and trust in the inevitable peace that comes with knowing who we are…..the fearless and wide open heart……

Empty is the most profound discomfort, bottomless and deep. It will make you antsy. Leave you feeling naked and searching for cover. But empty can also be the one thing that releases you to freefall long enough to locate your solid ground. Awake, naked and uncomfortably grounded is where it all begins.

Have you made it to the bottom? Good. Now just sit there. Look around at the brilliance and beauty. Feel every tingling cell in your entire being. Notice the potential in the air. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Breathe it all in. Let life fill you up. Life is a constant phoenix rising. The rebirth from ashes only comes after the annihilation of what came before. This annihilation is both ending and beginning. It is heartache and brilliance. And it is all yours for the writing.

Let yourself be annihilated. Rise from the ashes. Be born and die and born again. Celebrate the blood and guts and gore of it all. It’s the stuff great stories are made of.

So go ahead, write yours……Jeannette LeBlanc

calm & steady…..

You can’t sit around waiting for someone else to say who you are. You need to write it and paint it and do it…….Faith Ringgold

clouds fade away & then the glow



Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old…… Ralph Waldo Emerson

let us remind each other again and again to look life in the eye and drink in its awesome power…..let it seep into the core of okness and the heart of faith…..let it be…..

Most of us need to be reminded that we are good, that we are lovable, that we belong. If we knew just how powerfully our thoughts, words, and actions affected the hearts of those around us, we’d reach out and join hands again and again. Our relationships have the potential to be a sacred refuge, a place of healing, and awakening. With each person we meet, we can learn to look behind the mask and see the one who longs to love and be loved. We can remember to say our blessings out loud……..Tara Brach


 the grace to choose

Spread kindness and love whenever you can. Reach out your fingertips and feel the energy flow. As you start sparking kindness it’ll lift the cloak of darkness. Love really is the answer. Quiet times are essential. It is necessary to step out of the drama of meaningless dribble and part the rain from the drops and melt into the puddles. Solitude is like water. Drink it, create it with no regret. Life is like a metaphorical handstand. At times, it can feel upside down, inverted and confusing until we kick up into the fear. Challenge yourself to balance the weight evenly by relaxing into the space of the unknown. And above all…. Choose to live life as a miracle, because it is.

….Carolyn Riker

searching for a suitable fantasy



You’ll probably miss it at first. But don’t feel bad. Most people do. Because it’s hidden in plain sight!

Not like the rabbit hole in the forest, or the wardrobe up in your uncle’s attic — those belong in someone else’s story. You have your own adventures to embark upon, and your own vessel to get there.

And even now as you stop for directions, you can feel the tug at your invisible reins trying to lead you there.

You can go on neglecting it’s allure, if you wish. And keep pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Do you walk by a playground without jumping on the monkey bars? Can you ride a roller coaster without throwing your hands in the air? If so, then when the sun sets tonight go ahead and pull the covers over your head and go right to sleep.

But, if not, well then if you can stay still in the darkness long enough to find the North Star, you can locate an entrance to freedom and lightness that’s cloaked in split seconds between your lucidity.

You can uncover a new tangible truth created from depths of your imagination.

When I found mine, I heard music playing and bells ringing. I entered through a swinging door and floated up a staircase to find a long wall of reflection inside, a fun-house of mirrors that skews reality and prompts strange posturing and maniacal laughter.

Usual laws of gravity and time don’t exist; the creatures I encounter in this realm are able to move through space in unaccustomed and unimaginable ways. The air smells of fresh miracles, and the floor shows the marks of passion and perspiration splattered in the process.

The Common that pass by without a second glance might simply label it a dance studio. And sure, it’s that too.

But for me, it’s my way through.

This is the passage to my dreams and desires, the tunnel that opens up into worlds where my wildest fantasies come true. Literally. All of a sudden, I have access to my fate in the universe, and it bends and twists with my body.

If you begin looking around, you’ll start to notice them everywhere.

That tire swing that hangs from a rope under the canopy of a maple tree, a chaotic kitchen full of noisy children and burnt sugar smells, the roving easel with a sticky leg and multicolored drip decorations, and the quaint miniature gnome garden hidden back in the corner of a backyard.

But the question here is, where’s yours?

…..Jennifer Price

whispering on the edge of madness can be a reprieve from the expected, downtrodden days…revel in the call to dip into the cool waters of deep imagination…..burrow in and breathe…..

A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink, and hesitate…… Steven Pressfield


We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen……. Paulo Coelho

a funny kind of estrangement



A significant shift occurs after we integrate the internal and external worlds: we move beyond polarity and duality and learn to see both worlds at once. We contain this paradox and are able to see the many options available to us. This more accepting and expansive way of thinking increases our tolerance for ambiguity, which is a function of wisdom. The ability to move beyond black or white, good or evil, helpful or harmful, signals wisdom’s presence. Although wisdom can be expressed at any age, it is less than becoming if we are not able to develop it in our later years and provide a consistent model for younger people. Our work in the second half of life demands that we neither be entrenched in the polarities of our daily experiences nor be rigid, harsh, or unforgiving in our approach. We are stretched to shift our perspective and our actions from the dualism of either/or to holding the paradox of both/and. This allows something greater and more creative to emerge. Wisdom always looks for the most elegant solution, the one that will create a genuine win-win and serve the greater good of the majority of people. If we can embrace the meanings and experiences in both our internal and external worlds, melding the sacred and profane, we will be rigorously challenged to transform opposition into paradox. The essential task is to allow all sides of an issue, or pairs of opposites, to exist in equal dignity and worth until their hidden unity is revealed. This is our initiation into the embodiment of wisdom, the entry point into authentic spiritual maturation and personal transformation…….Angeles Arrien

it cannot be that you and I and the light of this world work without congruence or the harmony of respect…maybe we breathe easier in the dawn of dark and the dark of beauty……transcendence comes naturally without the pretense that misguides ….


You’ve been living for this for weeks
without knowing it:
the moment the house empties like a city in August
so completely
it forgets you exist.
Light withdraws slowly
is almost gone before you notice.
In the stillness, everything becomes itself:
the circle of white plates on the kitchen table
the serious chairs that attend them
even the roses on the papered walls
seem to open a little wider.
It looks simple: the glass vase holding
whatever is offered—
cut flowers, or the thought of them—
simple, though not easy
this waiting without hunger in the near dark
for what you may be about to receive.

….Esther Morgan

the cares of the world

With open palms,
I walk into the fire of life.
The soul needs no shelter from the sun.
I remember that everything is a part of me.
…..Celeste Labadie

to bury the dark

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The Void is essential to our Self-discovery. It makes itself known during times of Silence and inactivity in our lives. On the outside nothing seems to be happening and we may feel uncertain of what to do.
When we resist the impulse to try and Fill these empty spaces in our lives there is potential for Magic to happen. It is our cocoon of creativity, a place of Imagining and Receptivity, offering us unexpected insights and inspiration.
Staying softly Open to the void, to the not-knowing, is a daily practice. These times of emptiness or transition are often an invitation to let go and surrender, letting our fears be dissolved in the great All. Blessed Be…..The Soulful Woman

quiet inspiration sidling up like an old friend….this is the soft dark, the angels light….may it warm our cold doubts…..

This beautiful space where I don’t have to be anything to anyone or have to worry or wonder. How long had it been since I just sat with thoughts? It seems like everyday is filled with one thing or another, and the person staring back at me is some sort of warped version of the girl I used to be. Where had I gone? I could feel a shifting. Life was changing, things were moving and I knew I was standing on the edge of unforeseen upheaval. What does one do, when they know life is about to turn upside down yet again?….Dana Gornall

holding all the hurts

There is no greater power
than to be in harmony with oneself.
……P. Desai

a kind of nothingness



larger than life~

there is the vastness
in the smallest of breaths
a lung filling
felt in effortlessness
there is an immensity
in the spectrum of white
a colorless clarity
seen behind closed eyes
there is an enormity
in the minimum of each day
stretch beyond boundaries
acknowledge your limits
there is a greatness
in the recognition of significance
accept with appreciation
avow your blessings
…..Gwynneth Green

just to sit quietly and allow this life to swirl gently, peacefully, solemnly…..round and round it goes…..this may be the most authentic moment……

The starting point is simple and at the same time prodigious: it is the fact of being conscious. I am- this is in itself a great mystery. Being conscious is the basis for all my feelings, emotions, or thoughts; it is the first datum. Thanks to it I know I exist. It is so elementary a fact that we all take it for granted. Yet who can define it, who can truly understand it? The Ways to the transpersonal Self are tentative answers to profound, vital questions that every one of us, consciously or not, has to face…..Piero Ferrucci

renewal of place

He or she is a mystic who cannot stop walking and, with the certainty of what is lacking, knows of every place and object that it is ‘not that;’ one cannot stay ‘there’ not be content with ‘that.’ Desire creates excess. Places are exceeded, passed, lost behind it. It makes one go further, elsewhere. It lives nowhere……Michel De Certeau

into the shadows & mist



Enlightenment is understanding that
there is nowhere to go, nothing to do,
and nobody you have to be except
exactly who you’re being right now.
…..Neale Donald Walsch

joy is not trite, and meaning is not about giving in to the grind of life…..but it is about being here, with all of it and then coming back to joy again…… do we do that?

Stay present: Keep yourself so rooted in the present moment that you don’t allow yesterday or tomorrow to take up too much of your thoughts and energy. Staying conscious in each moment will also allow you the opportunity to catch yourself in unhealthy patterns of thought.

Because, really, so much of what eats us up and worries us is a result of patterns of thought we have accumulated over the years — thoughts about who and what we are, and thoughts about what our life is (which is really just a story, anyhow).

Stop and reflect: When you stop and reflect on your life, it’s easy to see that things generally do work out, most of the time. It’s easy to look back and see that things you worried about in the past, things that you let eat you up, were not worth the worry after all. Retrospect is a great tool.

Take a long-term view: Stop for a minute and think about what will really matter to you in 10 years. In 20 years. On your death-bed. Think about all the things you will want to look back on with satisfaction.

Think about all the joy you will want to feel, knowing you had one hell of a great time, and thoroughly immersed yourself in every fleeting moment.

Express gratitude: We so often overlook all the blessings that surround us every single moment of every single day. Again, staying rooted in the moment will allow you to really notice blessings as they occur (and they do, more often than you might realize!).

Make lists, mental or physical, of each thing you have to be grateful for. (On a side note, you’ll find that once you do this, more and more blessings will start to flow into your experience. Like magic, folks). Go hug and kiss your loved ones, too.

We so often neglect to show them how much they bring meaning and joy to our lives.

Lie on the grass: Right now. Seriously. Look up at the sky. Get lost in the immensity of it. Get lost in the absolute perfection of it all. Go do something you enjoy, damn it. Go for a walk on the beach, or a hike up a mountain.

Go eat something ridiculously delicious and don’t even for a second feel guilty for doing it. Paint something. Go sit on the porch with a glass of tea and watch the birds fly by. Dance a dance. Sing a song. Go ahead, enjoy yourself. Really, it’s okay.

….Karisa Bigelow

 kissing sky

This is who and what I am,
this is how I walk the path as of right now,
and I gratefully welcome
whatever comes my way,
even if it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient.
…..Bryan E Wright


to dream of flying in a world without sky


Blessed are they

who see beautiful things

in humble places

where other people see nothing.

….Camille Pissarro

we dream in technicolor, so that we may wake to a new world….to renew again and again comes from the ability to shine light….it is an amazing leap to courage from despair, and only faith and dreams can reveal this golden color……

We are here essentially, to risk ourselves in the world, we are a form of invitation to others and to otherness; we seem meant to hazard ourselves for the right thing, for the right woman or the right man, for a son or a daughter, for the right work or for a gift given against all the odds. And in all this continual risking the most profound courage may be found in just the simple willingness to allow ourselves, amidst the hazard and vulnerability, to be happy along the way…….David Whyte



There is a bridge in between what is seen and what is imperceptible.

This bridge is always there, awaiting your call.

From a certain mindset, when attempting to envision something new or fit something newly created into our current perspective, it can sometimes seem that what has been created, or what is in the process of creation, is unlikely or impossible.

This mindset is one of limitation, smallness, and fear. A perspective that is based only on what has been known thus far to be possible — based on events that have been seen and experienced in the past.

This logic reigns supreme in the mind of someone who considers themselves a realist or a pragmatist. But, how many of these same individuals have also been visionaries?

Those people who saw in a way that the preceding rational thinkers did not are considered visionaries. But once their vision is created, it becomes commonplace, something that the rational and pragmatic folks never question again.

What do you perceive as real or possible? Then, in your experience, it is so.

No more than what you believe to be possible will come into your experience. You shall not be shown anything that you do not wish to see.

So the question is: how far up The Mountain do you want to go?

When we realize the ability to courageously move, act or dance towards a specific vision, then we are living in the House of Providence.

And it is only then that we will witness and bring about miraculous things that others had once believed impossible.

…..Bryan Christopher Warne