Yoga from the Heart


Dissolving into the heart of yoga is an act of honesty.

It is the art of humility & of genuine awe

& appreciation for the life process as it is.

~Richard Freeman


To be reconciled to our capacities, our character, our insights, & our negligence of our gifts requires a gratitude unlike any other superficial goodness. This deep gift shapes our hearts, flaws, madnesses, & despair into a beautiful offering~ something we’ve made of blood & bone & earth & can share. This is the gratitude of true beauty. Through all of my work~ envisioning this gratitude is my guide.

This yoga moves through the whole self. No expectations. No fluff. Connecting breath & movement becomes an authentic prayer, an easing in & cultivation of the unmasked heart~ safe, vast & translucent to mystery. It is as if I am composing a flower instead of growing one. This shift is miraculous, fleeting & shadowy & real.

~In Blue

~yoga from the heart~

In a night full of Suffering & Darkness,

Be a candle spreading light till dawn.





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