There is nothing more revealing than an ‘about’ page with a checklist of likes and dislikes. I will allow those things to unfold as I surface bit by bit, in layers.

As a quiet and reflective artist and yogini, I continually seek to understand the aesthetics of authenticity (if there is such an ideal) through gratitude, service, curiosity, creativity, beauty, and compassion.

Peeling back layers in this expansive life and those wise little feelers in the day where we find aha moments, I invite you on a journey of discovery

~ In Blue


An oriental wise man always used to ask

the Divinity in his prayers,

to be so kind as to spare him

from living in an interesting era.

As we are not wise,

the Divinity has not spared us,

and we are living in an interesting era.

~Albert Camus

105 thoughts on “Me

  1. You were one of the first blogs I followed when I joined the wordpress community. I enjoy your reflections and creativity very much. This morning I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check out the details on my blog, Take care and good night!

    • Thank you! Pleased & honored….I appreciate the gesture, and I hope to continue to provide a worthwhile stopover….one which refreshes and gives a place to pause and reflect….

  2. I’ve been here on your blog for some time now and I must say I love your perspective and willingness to share the depths and heights of yourself.

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check out my blog post today for the rules, but most of all, Have Fun and bask in the joy of accomplishment.

  4. I found you through Steph’s blog (thank you, Steph), and am so glad that I did – love your photography! I’m looking forward to exploring your world …. ~ Julie 🙂

  5. I like the peeling back layers of art
    as i see each spirit as unfinished art always evolving
    falling back, taking a path that is off the “normal” roads of life…
    I will enjoying wandering within here to what you show with each layer laid back…
    Thank You for sharing, I enjoyed reading this…
    Take Care…
    You Matter….


  6. I’ve Tagged you in “Tag You’re It!’ Go to my most recent post for the rules, (well they’re more guidelines) and have fun!

  7. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, go to my recent post for the guidelines on how to accept the award.
    Have fun!

  8. you have a special blog, “peeling back layers” is a journey to behold, a path taken by a beautiful and wondrous soul. Thank you for offering your gifts and sharing yourself. thoughts, photos, and writings. Love to you, Linda

  9. I started this journey with some trepidation as I have others on the internet, and in my life. You’ll find as I did, like the rose, or the lotus flower, it unfolds very naturally. Best of luck you have a cat and love all things winged — House cat I assume 😉 …

    • A very spoiled house cat….some days I think he has wings:) Thanks for sharing….I will remember this blossoming….especially with spring approaching…yes, the internet requires much caution….

  10. In Blue,
    Stopping by to say hello and send you my gratitude for your visit the other day. May you continue to have abundant blessings, peace and love in your life. Thank you!

  11. I found your beautiful blog through grandfathersky and am glad of it. Unpeeling the layers–I like that. Discovery makes life more interesting and pleasant as we journey together. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • Thank you for the wonderful sentiments….glad to have found you too…you are so right….it really is more pleasant when we journey together….

  12. Browsing through your blog has been a pleasure…..we share so much of the same views and sentiments that I would like to place you on my blogroll…..There are many others who would benefit from your thoughts and words, and I would like to help share the love…..thanks dear lady…

  13. Thank you for joining me on Sending Joy. Your web site is beautiful. You are an amazing artist with a profoundly loving heart. I am grateful for your presence on the planet. Through your words and art, I feel the world healing. Peace and Love to you always, Sharie

    • It’s wonderful to share ‘good space’…..grateful & humbled….may we journey well…..Blessings to you & your healing wishes…..

  14. Your blog is not only showing your creativity but also awakens kindness in a minds eye.I simply love your writing and wanted to listen to every word of this. Thank you so much I will visit here often I feel happy visiting your creativity home.

    • Much appreciated m.s……the creative life is humbling….a real gift… reveals our interconnectedness….our humanity….thank you for sharing a bit of the journey….

  15. Enjoying the discovery of your blog! I especially like this picture. I share a bunch like them on my blog to represent where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going. “Our feet ground us to a time and place, our footsteps mark the wanderings on.” That’s me quoting myself. hahaha! Looking forward to following your writings!

  16. I very much like your blog and seeing that you received so much awards makes me curious. So I will look around a bit and follow….

    • Very kind of you……indeed, being with the day and each sweet nuance invites us to experience beauty……may the sun shine softly for you today….

  17. When I began reading your blog this morning, I was carrying a lot of baggage. I am now free to leave that behind. I continue my day with an open heart and an open mind.


    • We lift each other up along the way…’s the way of the heart…..may you settle into a little peace today Dennis……with gratitude……

  18. Found you via David Kanigan – you move me with your words. I’m a great believer in using words in a ‘good’ sense 🙂
    I do have a huge problem though: Your type-set (colour) is practically illisible to people like me with very bad eye-sight. Therefore, although I’ve subbed to you, I might not be able to read everything you wrote & will write. I’m sorry about this.

    • Hi Kiki…..thanks for being here. And thanks for letting me know this. Nobody has said this before, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will explore options! Many heart wishes to you.

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