I cannot tell you how

You can begin to develop a reliable inner refuge on your own by drawing on whatever in your past experience has helped you to feel a sense of connectedness and an increased sense of safety.

Any deep wound or loss can be transformed into fierce grace when we meet the pain with a caring presence. We can find grace in the immediacy of a frightening experience or in working with long-held trauma. No amount of violence can corrupt the timeless and pure presence that is the very ground of your being. Waves of fear or shame may possess us temporarily, but as we continue to entrust ourselves to loving presence, as we let ourselves feel loved, our lives become more and more an expression of who or what we are. This is the essence of grace- homecoming to who we are.

~Tara Brach

how spirit moves us is really about how open we are to our loved ways….

inquiry for today~ when there is nothing but the pink sky meeting the day’s end- we have a little more room to trust…..


This Present, in which we exist at each and every moment of our lives, happens to be the most advanced point of the most advanced age in humanity’s existence. Actually, this Present in which everything happens is always and permanently situated at this most advanced point. As one moment gives way to the next, it is replaced in turn with an infinite number of such endless present moments, all of which permanently reside at this forever recurring pinnacle of existence. Therefore, an equally amazing fact is that each and every human who has ever lived on this planet could also have thought of themselves as living at the pinnacle of evolution! Subsequently, every human who will exist in the future will again exist at their own present moment, which will also exist at the tip of Time’s arrow. The only constant substratum of everything in the universe is this Present at which everything is and is becoming. Generations upon generations of humans will come and go, but this Present will remain permanently immobile, “untouched by morning and untouched by noon.” Since each moment that passes by has no effect on this Present, it might be conceived as being eternal. Everything I write now, everything you read at this moment, is always being written and read in an Eternal Present. Our lives and existence in general may seem to reside and move in Time, but this Time is nowhere to be found. What can be found is the Present, but this Present, being immobile, permanent, and therefore eternal, cannot be conceived or understood by our finite intellect – although it may occasionally be experienced by another faculty of our being. And though it contains everything that was, is, or will be, it cannot itself be contained in Time nor located in Space. Still, one of its main “qualities,” if we may be pardoned for using such a word to describe the indescribable, is that it is always “situated” (again an imperfect word) at the pinnacle of Being.

Nicos Hadjicostis

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