The swallows are here….& they’re leaving too….

sweet mystery....the wild & deep sky...

Took a long, long walk. Completely mesmerized by the swooping, gathering, acrobatics of the birds. Rejuvenating.

wilted sky sifts up through the lens

where now oh feeble will?

unable to leave the birds behind

These birds dance, loop and tease with their long, long journey ahead.

Where do they go? We will always ask this, yes?

My brother aptly calls these days……’the Nick Drake days’…..

Working in my studio and being in the sky…..yes, let’s go. Go back to work. Go into the play. Go with the colors. Remember this space as my own.

‘Your sacred space is where you can find yourself

again and again’……Joseph Campbell

2 thoughts on “The swallows are here….& they’re leaving too….

  1. I love how you’ve described the swallows. I so love watching the graceful dance that some flocks of birds do. It’s just wonderful and magical to watch them. And your quote by Joseph Campbell touched me deep. I think I’ve been missing that sacred place. Thank so much for this post. Oh, and the link to the Nick Drake song too. Always nice to have accompaniment when I’m writing a comment. 🙂

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