Art as Monkeys on the Wall

You have to leave the city

of your comfort

and go into the wilderness

of your intuition.

What you’ll discover will be wonderful.

What you’ll discover is


-Alan Alda

When I read about spirit stuff and art stuff, I am humbled by how cheesy and flaky it all can sound. I am humbled by awareness. How it changes everything. I cannot perceive anything without its relation to something else. This jumping off the cliff, heart wide open, poses many ‘problems.’

Chaos. And the deepest and most remarkable aliveness.

A trusting in myself to keep moving. A leaning on the work in the studio, the physicalness of it, to define itself.

A paradoxical connection and separation with others. Searching for service.

Oh, and let’s not forget about how much laughing I do with myself! I am really funny…..flitting around…..trying so hard.

The place I go to be with me, is so…….unexpected… silly monkeys on a wall.

unexpected perspectives…

Wakefulness is a state of non-illusion where you see things not as you are but as they are…..Anthony DeMello

Perspective as a tool for making art rather than art making perspective. Humbled again.

This place I go to be with me is home……

ain’t got no big answers, but I got art.

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