like riding a bicycle….you never forget what you know ….

still life or inertia

longing to ride my bicycle when the winds blow

Be aware that the mystic is none other than each one of us. Entering into communion with the real does not mean entering some kind of esoteric state of mind. It is your mind, right here, right now. To contemplate is to use your ability to see directly, intimately, & to express through the creative process & your life what you see…not what you think you see, but what actually is….John Daido Loori

seeing the momentum in a still life as a gift…. bringing breath to the quiet…feel the wild wind stir when you weather the thinking mind…from inertia to movement & the life-time in between…

How we see matters…In truth, our ability to see with our mind & heart is the only window we have on life. Something shifts when we ‘see’ what we’re ‘looking’ at. Our basic understanding is altered….shattered or expanded, broken apart or open, reduced to the beginning. Our very personal awakenings are much like this….sudden & perplexing experiences that restore our original sense of being alive…..Mark Nepo

life & death, inertia & still life, you & me, day & night….like gliding on a bicycle…yes….somewhere in between… hardly notice the subtle breeze…

you can’t name it….but you can know it….

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