painting the moon & the phases of intent

moon haze

it’s a ‘catch the moon rays kind of day’….alive with creative energy…painting, moving, moving, painting, moving, painting….

A creative life is determined by a will moving across time…the fierce determination to succeed, to make sense of the world, to use whatever means to unravel some of the mysteries of the universe…..Csikszentmihalyi

we become more grateful when we realize how perfect each moment of creativity is…no matter what disassociative & disintegrative issues may waylay….knowing that paint to canvas & pen to paper always have the final say……we can say yes to intention….

There are four major sets of obstacles that prevent many from expressing their creative potential. Some of us are exhausted by too many demands, & so have trouble getting hold of & activating our psychic energy in the first place. Or we get easily distracted & have trouble learning how to protect & channel whatever energy we have. The next problem is a  lack of discipline for controlling the flow of energy. And finally, the last obstacle is not knowing what to do with the energy one has….Csikszentmihalyi

it’s the ebb & flow…..the moon phases & cycles of our forever changing levels of fear…it’s about our faith & how it flows into color…..

let your moon glow sweep you up….

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