the magic of play….physics & art

boxes full of secrets

The second law of thermodynamics describes entropy, the fact that any transformation happens at less than 100 percent efficiency, & thus all systems tend to run down. This law requires that a bounce lose oomph over time, like a ball that eventually comes to rest. The work of art defies this law; the more we expend going in, the greater the energy going out. This may be a secret alchemical law of metaphysics. I call the defiant phenomenon ‘the bounce.’ At the heart of every successful work of art is a marvelous small impulse toward more. Our irrepressible yearning can’t resist pushing on; at the moment of completion it says, ‘and…’ Making a world bounces us into beginning the next world….Eric Booth

this is pure play….what all children know….we don’t understand the art or worry about it first….the art itself teaches us…leads us to the knowing…this is how we can make art for a lifetime….

So what remains when the self is forgotten? You realize yourself as the whole phenomenal universe. What is the self that is expressed in self-expression? When the self disappears, the brush paints by itself, the dance dances itself, the poem writes itself. There is no gap….in between. This is not an accident. It is rather the result of personal training, spirtitual development, & insight, which then manifests….John Daido Loori

absorption in art clarifies the dualistic nature of ego…the clarity of soul & intent rather than ego & outcome work it out….awkwardness transforms….

 behind a mask & the mask becomes the expression…

5 thoughts on “the magic of play….physics & art

  1. I never quite that of it this way, but it makes so much sense. It seems there is a threshold, that once passed, entropy is overcome. When physics welcomes art, when science marries into spirit then we will again be as children at play… No boundries to our thought and conceptions. This is a great meditation, I will ponder for a while…Thanks!

    • Thanks g.f.s….it’s the mystery behind art & poetry…I see it as wide, open space….leaps & bounds happen there with inspiration….keep writing:)

      • As a kid I used to imagine perpetual motion machines, then someone very seriously explained entropy to me, but then I quantum mechanics teaches us about the expanding universe … I will

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