the kid in us…& why leaping up comes from falling down…

what are little boys made of? snips & snails & puppy dog tails...

Setting out is always a leap of faith, a risk in the deepest sense of the term, & yet an adventure too. None of us go into our spiritual maturity completely of our own accord, or by a totally free choice. We are led by ‘mystery,’ rightly called grace. The familiar & the habitual are so falsely reassuring, & most of us make our homes there permanently. But the soul has many secrets. They are only revealed to those who want them, the ones who have heard some deep invitation to ‘something more,’  & set out to find it by grace & daring. One of the best kept secrets, yet hidden in plain sight, is that ‘the way up is the way down.’  The central message of how spiritual growth happens is that we grow much more by doing it wrong than by doing it right……Richard Rohr

the beauty & wonderment of children comes from this concept….they innately know & are ok with this….their egos have not ripened into perfectionistic walls yet..they are willing to jump right in…explore with abandon….fall down….& laugh at themselves…..our instincts draw us to children to learn from them….to help us return to our natural state of grace which is pure in its imperfections….

find a kid & play while….

we discover love when we let go….love as a discovery, a surprise, a something much bigger than ourselves, a place of resilience we didn’t know we cradled in a tiny pocket of our heart…the innocence of children….an instinctual poetic power….

To live from a deep place is to go back or down to that origin of your life that is not in the least explained by the autobiographical myth…..Thomas Moore

8 thoughts on “the kid in us…& why leaping up comes from falling down…

  1. I often hear people ask… Why does this keep happening to me… They just aren’t getting the lesson life is presenting to them, when they do, everything changes.

    • Yes indeed…& our ‘job’ as loving supporters is to be gentle & help them to breathe through it…so hard sometimes….that’s why laughter, play & children help so much…thanks g.f.s…

  2. “Be like the little ones” we are told, and indeed, to use your words, “…our instincts draw us to children to learn from them…” But how (?), really, I ask… How to let go of the so much that is happening to us, around us… those experiences, the ‘countering’ expectations. Yes we do not, should not remain down after we fall, but to leap?… Yet again, your words here are truly inspiring – even for one who finds no more strength to leap, and keep leaping each time. Thank you.

    • Very much appreciate your raw realizations…so true…yes, the ‘countering expectations’…one teacher I greatly respect says it’s about developing ‘strong back, soft front’….in other words, accepting all that we cannot change without ‘shutting down’….a lifetime’s work….this is why joy & connection are so vital I think….thanks for weathering storms, leaping up & sharing…Blessings…

  3. Let us come to Him like little children. Let us re-discover the child within ourselves. Let us re-connect with each other with the trust and joy of little children. Let us leap back up giggling from each falling down.

    • Finding joy helps us to reconnect yes? That’s part of the beauty…We should all giggle & not be quite so hard on ourselves…the innocent & wise have a special place indeed…thanks Granbee…

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