an ordered life seeks darkness & beauty & remembering

clever sky

G.I. Gurdjieff distinguished between an automatic sort of awareness, in which we spend much of our lives, & true consciousness, which begins with self-consciousness, a state he called self-remembering. ‘In ordinary conditions of life we do not remember ourselves; we do not remember, that is, we do not feel ourselves, we are not aware of ourselves at the moment of a perception, of an emotion, of a thought or of an action. If a man understands this & tries to remember himself, every impression he receives while remembering himself will, so to speak, be doubled.’ A key realization is that the degree of consciousness fluctuates constantly. The illusion of constancy arises in part because simply asking the question ‘Am I conscious?’ tends to awaken consciousness for a moment. Consciousness is a state in which a man knows all at once everything that he in general knows….Christian Wertenbaker

nothing but the gentle wild places of the soul will still the flutter of tormented questioniing & second guessing which comes with soul growth…this beautiful fire burns up doubt without needing or knowing why….

Rilke understood that our very origin is the darkness. We emerge from the darkness of the womb &, simultaneously, from the darkness of spirit, the Great Mystery. When Rilke writes that the fire fences out the world, I hear ‘world’ as that greater portion of the universe we know little or nothing about. The darkness holds it all & so the Wanderer bravely enters that darkness to discover what is there & what is drawn to him. And the Wanderer, like Rilke, hopes not just to find something but to be changed, to be broken into, bodily. We must learn, like the poet, to have faith in the night…..Bill Plotkin

a sacred inner & outer resonance huddles & waits in healing places for us….we just need to call out, step away from our shadow & acknowledge its presence….this immediacy of beauty sparks a remembering in us, in spite of chaos…

as happens in dreams, we wake up…

It is the universal statement of a star,

the message Orion

has carried

in winter

through the ages:

It is the dark

which illuminates.

…..Lyn Dalebout

2 thoughts on “an ordered life seeks darkness & beauty & remembering

  1. I have read PD Ouspensky’s The Fourth Way…He was a student of Gurdjieff. Self remembering is key. We bring darkness to the light. The goal of our existence is to become conscious of consciousness. Self remembering is a good we to get closer…

    • It’s quite a unique way of side-stepping ego constraints. It must be what the yogis call witness consciousness. The funny thing is, even without being able to describe it, the bones know where the self-story shifts from true-self consciousness…a connection to deep ancestral bones…Indeed…self-remembering. Love Gurdjieff’s work. Thanks g.f.s….

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