consider the extraordinary edge of starting over

may you rest in quietude….

We find out the heart only by dismantling what the heart knows. By redefining the morning, we find a morning that comes just after darkness. We can break through marriage into marriage. By insisting on love we spoil it, get beyond affection & wade mouth-deep into love. We must unlearn the constellations to see the stars. But going back toward childhood will not help. The village is not better than Pittsburgh. Only Pittsburgh in more than Pittsburgh. Rome is better than Rome in the same way the sound of raccoon tongues licking the inside walls of the garbage tub is more than the stir of them in the muck of the garbage. Love is not enough. We die & are put into the earth forever. We should insist while there is still time. We must eat through the wildness of her sweet body already in our bed to reach the body within the body….Jack Gilbert

the deep grind of spiritual transformation is strengthened & identified with a subtle & undefined detachment to the surface of life….this is a stunningly powerful & beautiful resistance which allows space for a new well of compassion…..a direct experience of living….a stepping stone to spiritual integration….to a real, embodied & gritty life….

Student, do the simple purification.

You know that the seed is inside

the horse-chestnut tree;

& inside the seed there are

the blossoms of the tree,

& the chestnuts, & the shade.

So inside the human body there is

the seed, & inside the seed

there is the human body again.

Fire, air, earth, water, & space-

if you don’t want the secret one,

you can’t have these either.

Thinkers, listen, tell me

what you know of

that is not inside the soul?

Take a pitcher of water & set it down

on the water-

now it has water inside & water outside.

We mustn’t give it a name,

lest silly people start talking again

about the body & the soul.

If you want the truth, I’ll tell you the truth:

Listen to the secret sound, the real sound,

which is inside you.

The one no one talks of speaks

the secret sound to himself,

& he is the one who has made it all.


finding the places where we betray ourselves…

Cosmic love is absolutely ruthless & highly indifferent:

it teaches its lessons

whether you like/dislike them or not.

…John Lilly

4 thoughts on “consider the extraordinary edge of starting over

  1. I really like the analogy of the pitcher of water, surrounded by water … What name do we call it? I often remind myself that we are not going toward eternity we are living in eternity …because we dwell in consciousness – human consciousness, we label everything from our own baseline … Like we wrote the rules 😉 How silly we are!

    • when we listen, we are a mirror to ourselves…..water on water….here we are, trying to control everything….silly indeed…..with gratitude g.f.s….

  2. Beyond that which I know is another I know – beyond the still of the night, the sound of my own song replays…. We reach and we become and we reach again…….more and more as love we become is the love we give away Our only fault is in deciding we’ve arrived. Very nice (as always). ~ Love, Bobbie

    • You clearly have a beautiful range of insight into the softer realms….and the lovely and poetic language to draw us in… is always the answer if we can only find the way to navigate through our fears…..’deciding we’ve arrived’…..really love that…..blessings to you Bobbie…

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