finding crumpled wings in mid-flight


One afternoon as I folded laundry, I heard a terrible thud against the patio door. I turned in time to see blue wings falling to the ground. A bird had flown into the glass. She was stunned and her right wing was a little lopsided, but it didn’t look broken. The bird sat perfectly still, her eyes tiny and afraid. She looked so fragile and alone that I sat down beside her. I reached out and brushed her wing. I sat beside her, unable to resist the feeling that we shared something, the two of us. The wounds and brokenness of life. Crumpled wings. A collision with something harsh and real. I felt like crying for her. For myself. For every broken thing in the world. That moment taught me that while the postures of stillness within the cocoon are frequently an individual experience, we also need to share our stillness. The bird taught me anew that we’re all in this together, that we need to sit in one another’s stillness and take up postures of prayer. How wonderful it is when we can be honest and free enough to say to one another, ‘I need you to wait with me.’ After that day, when I needed someone to pray with me I called on one of my friends and simply asked if she would come and wait with me. We were listening as best we could to the prayer that Spirit pray within us. We were trusting together, hoping in high shadows and the flight of wings…..Sue Monk Kidd

our broken bits become whole not by being fixed, but by being with and abiding the natural order of time’s suffering and shadow work…..Spirit lights from the inside out and all we need to do is hold space for love to mend us…..

I had the same dream each night- that I had a child, and even in the dream I saw that the child was my life; and it was an idiot, and I ran away. Until I thought, if I could kiss it…perhaps I could rest. And I bent to its broken face, and it was horrible…but I kissed it. I think one must finally take one’s life in one’s arms…..Arthur Miller

kiss your suffering, your doubts, your shame, your fear…..

When, one day in mid-life, one comes to doubt oneself, and all one’s relationships and commitments, and when the pain and anxiety of this dragging away of….energy from all that formerly was so life-giving begins to overwhelm, there surfaces the depth question, ‘Why bother?’ Lucky the one who lets that question stand….That question is a prayer…..Anne Brennan

12 thoughts on “finding crumpled wings in mid-flight

  1. We fall from grace and wonder why, when the reality is this was our choice, yet we view the word as outside ourself, like something to conquer or it will conquer us … Why not live simply, a bottle of milk, a loaf of bread, we forget the joy in those things. One of my favorite stories to this day is “Jonathan Livingston Seagul” … How he searched! And what did he find on those wings? His own soul, his own reason for being …

    • holding our questions in those simple daily prayers of gratitude to the beauty of the milk & bread open our perception and allow us to receive instead of always being in transmit….wings of soul discernment……allowing, not fixing….another poem waiting g.f.s…..

  2. I live in an area abundant with wildlife. On more than one occassion, I’ve helped a turtle across the road, or stopped to cradle a deer as it was dying. Am I doing anything wondrous? Surely not. I am responding in the only ‘right’ way I know how, for I am the same (no more, no less) than they. They cry, and I cry for we are connected by far more than geography. I may not change the world, but I refuse to let it change me. In fact, I am honored whenever I am accused of caring too much. Love this (as always), Blue. ~ B

    • love your open heart….we surely need more vulnerable souls…..I, too, have come to terms with my nature (which I have clearly been chastised for) and I have learned to embrace the wide-eyed calling…..we are all connected in infinite ways……happy, sweet blissful new year…..

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