what permeates through fog to clear intent

1-DSC08326The battlefield is symbolic of the field of life, where every creature lives on the death of another. A realization of the inevitable guilt of life may so sicken the heart that, like Hamlet or like Arjuna, one may refuse to go on with it. On the other hand, like most of the rest of us, one may invent a false, finally unjustified, image of oneself as an exceptional phenomenon in the world, not guilty as others are, but justified in one’s inevitable sinning because one represents the good. Such self-righteousness leads to a misunderstanding, not only of oneself but of the nature of both man and the cosmos. The goal of the myth is to dispel the need for such life-ignorance by effecting a reconciliation of the individual consciousness with the universal will. And this is effected through a realization of the true relationship of the passing phenomena of time to the imperishable life that lives and dies in all. Man in the world of action loses his centering in the principle of eternity if he is anxious for the outcome of his deeds, but resting them and their fruits on the knees of the Living God he is released by them, as by a sacrifice, from the bondage of the sea of death……Joseph Campbell

we have so many choices in the seething well of free will…..but we have to see it…have to own the current path…..we cannot know the ways of our actions, but we know what the heart tells us…self-imposed cynicism will not help….weep as the fires roar in your heart and as the flames are tempered, listen……a mature heart holds the dying embers with great respect….

Spiritual grace originates from the divine Ground of all being, and it is given for the purpose of helping man to achieve his final end, which is to return out of time and self-hood to that Ground. It resembles animal grace in being derived from a  source wholly other than our self-conscious, human selves; indeed, it is the same thing as animal grace, but manifesting itself on a higher level of the ascending spiral that leads from matter to the Godhead. In any given instance, human grace may be wholly good, inasmuch as it helps the recipient in the task of achieving the unitive knowledge of God; but because of its source in the individualized self, it is always a little suspect and, in many cases, of course, the help it gives is help towards the achievement of ends very different from the true end of our existence. Conversely, of course, the life of goodness, holiness and beatitude is a necessary condition of perpetual inspiration. The relations between action and contemplation, ethics and spirituality, are circular and reciprocal. Each is at once cause and effect…..Aldous Huxley

the alchemy of emotional integrity ..

Salt is the mineral substance or objective ground of personal experience making experience possible. No salt, no experiencing- merely a running on and running through of events without psychic body. Thus salt makes events sensed and felt, giving us each a sense of the personal. The entire alchemical opus hangs on the ability to experience subjectively. It makes possible what psychology calls felt experience. So, we must turn to this same ground to mine our salt. Felt experience takes on a radically altered meaning in the light of alchemical salt. We may imagine our deep hurts not merely as wounds to be healed but as salt mines from which we gain precious essence and without which the soul cannot live. The fact that we return to these deep hurts, in remorse and regret, in repentance and revenge, indicates a psychic need beyond a mere mechanical repetition compulsion. Instead, the soul has a drive to remember it is like an animal that returns to its salt licks. We make salt in our suffering, and by working through our sufferings, we gain salt, healing the soul of its salt-deficiency……Though we do not make it by fire, we do make salt by means of dissolutions. Salt is soluble. Weeping, bleeding, sweating, bring salt out of its interior underground mines. Moments of dissolution are not mere collapses; they release a sense of personal human value from the encrustations of habit. ‘I too am a human being worth my salt’- hence my blood, sweat, tears….The danger here is always fixation, whether in recollection, childhood trauma, or in a literalized and personalized notion of experience itself: ‘I am what I have experienced.’ Paracelsus defined salt as the principle of fixation……James Hillman

4 thoughts on “what permeates through fog to clear intent

  1. Whenever life thows them a curve people are so prone to ask “where was God?”. We fail to understand that we were given free will, by a loving God, one that is always near, and suffers along with us because to interfere would usurp that same gift. We fail to see we devolve as much as evolve, undo our Divine right, often in the name of God. There has been a lot of reflection this week on war and peace … Winning seems to be deeply programmed into the human psyche … Along with violence, how can we win peace that way, the concepts are diametrically opposed – have we ever won peace through war? The historians would say yes, the mystics would say no. The ego thinks conquering the world will make it right, because everyone would subscribe to one rule, one God, yet we are all Divine sparks and do already – thus the paradox – how do we win Peace? We must make peace within ourself, the world will follow.

    • letting go is quite a paradox…..the ego does not accept that as a viable option, yet that is precisely what really helps us to flow into this life rather than against it…that’s why I loved this ‘salt’ reading so much….an amazing metaphor for dissolving and honoring…..love is the only way…..coming from our own hearts outward…..then we receive it back…..perfect osmosis showing that as you say, God is part of everything, regardless of how we describe it….thanks for this mantra for peace g.f.s…..

  2. I can say it’s easy (I’ve said it was easy) but it’s not. It’s never easy. I can say I made a lot of mistakes, but I don’t regret things. Because at least I didn’t spend a life standing outside, wondering what living would be like. And yet, for someone else, standing outside is what is needed, and maybe it’s all they can do. I detest those who pass judgement, and yet I just did……. How difficult the understanding that I have not arrived at all, but am evolving (and sometimes devolving as Peter states). I’ve found that the process is sweeter when I am open to the possibility that I am wrong about a lot of things. Thus far, I’ve only discovered one truth. ~ Love this, my friend. ~ Ever, Bobbie

    • you touch on such an important point….beginner’s mind….the idea of being a witness to our own consciousness……a powerful way to note our judgments, imperfections and ego attachments; then we ‘know’ and can then move from devolving to evolving….coming back to love again and again…..poignantly rendered Bobbie…….

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