perspectives of the wild, caged heart

1-Pics for Blog Edits26According to a ‘A Course in Miracles,’ our job is to tell someone they’re right, even when they’re wrong. That doesn’t mean we’re supposed to lie. It does mean, however, that it’s always our mission to affirm someone’s humanity, even when we’re disagreeing with his or her perceptions. Our spiritual challenge in any situation is first to recognize a person’s love and innocence, and then to speak from that perspective. For it is not our disagreements that wound; it’s our criticism, attack, and blame that wound. Until we know we’re solidly on loving ground- past the temptation to even subtly blame- we had best be very careful with what we say and how we say it. Some words cut, while others heal. But spirituality means a whole lot more than merely speaking in softer tones. Judgment can whisper, and it’s still a judgment. Our spiritual task is to surrender the thought that we have the right, in any situation, to judge whom God would never judge, or to condemn whom God would never condemn. And that means everyone. Once we do- when we have allowed our hearts to soften into genuinely right relationship- the words with which we express ourselves in a disagreement become guided by a higher source……..Marianne Williamson

heart perspective one…..

When I was younger, my benefactor asked me a question, but I was too hotblooded to understand it. Now I am older and I ask it of you. You must look at your life and your way, and there is no shame in dropping whatever you have undertaken, as long as it’s not done out of fear. But there is one question, and one question alone, that matters. Does this path have heart?……Carlos Castaneda

heart perspective two…

If forced to name them, the biggest obstacles to peace are ourselves and the world. Often en route to the truth of my soul, I get stuck in myself or lost in the world. Or the reverse. Still we carry the treasured essence within. It is always with us, very near though it may seem far, and there is no place else to find the treasure but underneath our agitation. it waits there like gold on the bottom of a shallow lake, and though we stand in the water, the treasure at our feet, this stirring of our reflection keeps us from seeing. More often that not, I need to stop moving and thinking and fixing, and simply reach within myself. So run, if you like, for it will all come with you. Or think and reason as many times you must, for your heart will outlast the ripples of your thought. Or blame the things of this world if you need to, for the things you blame will eventually disappear. Then you and I will still be left with ourselves and the world and the treasure at our feet…..Mark Nepo

heart perspective three….

three ways of dipping into that wild love… wild as circus magic…a prayer to the nameless depths of doubt, a toss into the wishing well of unflinching clarity, and the delicate mirage of end-of-the-rainbow rapture…..seize this caged harmony and set it free… in this world is dependent on our ability to deliver it from judgment….sprinkling it like gold dust….

7 thoughts on “perspectives of the wild, caged heart

    • Wow….what an undertaking….very committed human you have! It is much easier to say than to do….especially when triggered in a touchy spot….I like to try to just not say anything for a little while… helps a little…..coming back to intention……blessings to your human friend on a beautiful miracles journey….

  1. Blue, as always, these words push me to think – not only about how I respond to others, but how I respond to myself. Your comment regarding the nameless depths of doubt, I am reminded of something I read a day or so ago. Some see doubt as the opposite of faith; however, certainty is the opposite of faith. As such, the moment we think we know everything, our growth is ended. Likewise, our treatment of others can either help them on their journey or limit both theirs and ours. I am reminded that there is a great chasm between right and rightenous. Thank you as ever for the light you share. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • very wise distinction…..if we could only temper our judgments…..and that would be easier if we could ease into doubt, seeing as you said that our growth is furthered by working on those tough places within ourselves….not locking down into self-righteousness…, enough there for a long spiritual journey……humbled in gratitude for the opportunity to try……warmly…..

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