no enlightenment, just light


Real faith means holding ourselves open to the unconditional mystery which we encounter in every sphere of our life which cannot be compressed in any formula….Martin Buber

to be ‘free’ of entangled thoughts is a beautiful wish….so easy to be fooled and deluded by misery and happiness dragging us through the mud of life…’s all the same if we follow without fear and lead without love…..studying the selfish and selfless ways of the heart, we kiss our true freedom….

All people dream of attaining happiness. No matter where they’re from or where they live, their life goal is the same: happiness. When everything is going our way, we hardly reflect on our lives. If we live inside of our comfort zone, it is very hard to redirect our lives. Just as a lotus flower grows and blooms in muddy water, our vows and practice grow from adversity and suffering. The source of our suffering is always, ‘I,’ or the self. The awakening to our empty nature dissolves our sense of self. The truth is that there is no one to go, and there is nowhere to go, and there is nothing to attain. Let us come back to the present moment. When we stay in the present moment, we become one with nature, with other sentient beings, and with the whole universe. Our life will become richer, enabling us to smile like a child at the bright sun, the beautiful trees, the fresh air, and the sky. Our minds will become much more compassionate, and we will enjoy others’ happiness while sympathizing deeply with others’ suffering. Since so many worries and plans distract our minds and limit our lives, we must train our minds, using techniques of spiritual cultivation…….Dosung Yoo

the thunderous path of evolution….

‘Had ye but faith, you could move mountains,’ said Jesus- And that is literally true. The bible is not a metaphor- It’s not a story made up to teach us how to be moral beings- It’s a straight up message of how it is when man lives in the spirit- And the spirit is right inside- The way to get into the spirit is not a lot of hocus-pocus. It’s a very simple methodical, mechanical set of steps but they’re only available to him who can hear- Let those who have ears hear- The whole game is based on faith….Ram Dass

2 thoughts on “no enlightenment, just light

  1. Faith is the knowledge of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen… This simple statement tells us so much, and mentions knowledge, but knowledge of a seeming intangible like hope … Yes faith moves mountains, and restores our souls, which is an even greater power … May the light of presence guide you this day …

    • a shift from ordinary time is needed to enter the realm of deep imagination….to believe from the heart, not the mind….soul restoration……could be a lifetime in the making….blessings for a rich yoking of soul g.f.s…..

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