the philosophy of spiritual drive


Inborn rationalists and inborn pragmatists will never convert each other. We shall always look on them as spectral and they on us as trashy- irredeemably both! Why not simply express ourselves positively, and trust the truer view quietly will displace the other……Henry James

it’s kind of like contemplative gardening…..a subtle collapse of the world into a new and better existence……a harvest of true self….encompassing all seasons…..

The self-actualizing tendency is a part of human nature. Moreover, this urge is not limited to human beings but is part of the process of all living things: It is the urge evident in all organic and human life- to expand, extend, become autonomous, develop, and mature. In each of us lies an inherent drive toward being as competent and capable as we are biologically able to be. The drive toward health is not an overwhelming force that sweeps aside obstacles; it is easily blunted, distorted, and repressed. Carl Rogers sees it as the dominant motivating force in a person who is functioning freely, who is not crippled by past events or current beliefs. For Rogers, the tendency toward self-actualization is more than simply another motive among many; it is the primary motivational drive……R. Frager & J. Fadiman

who lives in this life?

All the greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally insoluble. They can never be solved, but only outgrown. This outgrowing proves on further investigation to require a new level of consciousness. Some higher or wider interest appears on the patient’s horizon….Carl Jung

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