demystifying the shadows of perception

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The transcendent instance bestows the sense that all of creation is wonderful, God-filled, orderly and safe. Fears dissolve as if they had never existed, were a lie, a delusion. This sense of safety provides a key to why the peak experience heals so profoundly since much neuroticism and even physical ills thrive on nameless fears and vague, free-floating anxieties. This expanded perceptual field is etched ever after in mind and further fuels the mystic’s path, even enhances ability to recall and use the experience for growth. In fact, my radical suggestion is that none of us cultivate wholeness, until, and unless, we have had a peak experience, call it what you will, thus transcending our limited perspective self and meeting ourselves in and as being…….Marsha Sinetar

this expectancy we know to be deep within us…..taunts us….we catch glimpses, like a shadow around the corner….this is our possibility, our deep imagination calling us to play…when we have known it for only a moment, we are never the same…..we dive down into shadows again and again….

You’re right in the work, you lose your sense of time, you’re completely enraptured, you’re completely caught up in what you’re doing, and you’re sort of swayed by the possibilities you see in this work. If that becomes too powerful, then you get up, because the excitement is too great. You can’t continue to work or continue to see the end of the work because you’re jumping ahead of yourself all the time. The idea is to be so saturated with it that there’s no future or past, it’s just an extended present in which you’re making meaning. And dismantling meaning, and remaking it. Without undue regard for the words you’re using. It’s meaning carried to a high order. It’s total communication. When you’re working on something and you’re working well, you have the feeling that there’s no other way of saying what you’re saying…..Mark Strand

the edge of your own propriety

Our sensual and physical lives are inseparable from our creativity. And these are both completely intertwined with our creativity. As the physicist Ernst Mack said,’ The universe is not twice given.’ If this is so, the creative life force that seeks manifestation in the work we do- Buber’s form, that which is larger, with which we engage when we create- speaks to us through the sensory details of our inner and outer worlds. We find the material by learning to be aware in new and expansive ways, by allowing our perceptions, those of the present moment and those stored in our memories, to fuel our imaginations. When we are aware of life within and around us, we are flooded with the raw materials of creative work, perceptions that spark the imagination and details that bring the work to life for others. To create we have to learn to see. We express our spirituality, our sensuality, and see the face of our soul…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

2 thoughts on “demystifying the shadows of perception

  1. What a wonderful post……yes, it is there in that sweet simplicity that we understand ourselves, that when nothing else exists (ego, expectation, obstacle) that we can see all there is to love in the nothing that is everything. In the silence of the soul, our sight opens wide. Beautiful. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • you give us wonderful insight into an open and receptive creativity….so closely tied to a spaciousness, love and authenticity….indeed, the silence of the soul…..blessings to a lifetime of poetry Bobbie…

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