the clear pool of in-between


But all I could hear

was the sea crashing against that cliff,

half a billion years ago.

….Michael Collier

our deep relatedness, unlike fragmentation, calls us into consciousness……a worldview of changing colors, a relational realm, of moods and wonder and engagement…may you know your healing time…..your woven love…..

I’ve come to the house of the Immortals:
In every corner, wildflowers bloom.
In the front garden, trees
Offer their branches for drying clothes;
Where I eat, a wine glass can float
In the springwater’s chill.
From the portico, a hidden path
Leads to the bamboo’s darkened groves.
Cool in a summer dress, I choose
From among the heaped piles of books.
Reciting poems in the moonlight,
riding a painted boat…
Every place the wind carries me is home.
Yu Xuanji

you remember, don’t you?….

When we escape the confines of the echo chamber, we come into kinship with the cosmos. This is a beautiful way to describe the experience of God, called enlightenment, or unity, or cosmic consciousness. Kinship is more satisfying than knowledge. It is a deep drink. It enchants even as it nurtures. My kinship with God has the same sense of mysterious upliftment I feel when I witness the geese flying south: Why do they fly south? How do they know when to start? Why do their honking noises and their perfect flying formation fill me with wonder? Like the geese, God’s mystery remains all the more beautiful for my lack of understanding…..Elizabeth Lesser

4 thoughts on “the clear pool of in-between

    • nothing so sweet as to be enchanted with the world…..pure, vibrant, elegant……and many random moments of wonderment to you this weekend g.f.s…

  1. There is the rush of waves over rock, of wind through canyons, of blood through a heartbeat……songs, every one the same. ~ Love this, Blue. ~ Me

    • all leading home…..fulfilled and roused to be in this life, to notice where the geese are… ease into love….may you sink down deep today Bobbie

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