our limitless depths


Finding our particular way of living this responsibility, of offering who we are to the world, is why we are here. We are called because the world needs us to embody the meaning in our lives. God needs us awake. This world we live in is a co-creation, a manifestation of individual consciousness woven into a collective dream. This is the effect that ripples out from someone who is fully awake to what we all are: those in proximity wake up and experience the divine spark that lives within themselves. And this awareness ripples out from them to touch others. There is no way to fake this. We can talk endlessly about deep stillness and the sacred presence within and around us, but talk will never get us there because there is nowhere to get to and what we are is beyond thinking and words. Doing will not take us there, either, because doing is always at least a little about pulling away from what is, while being- that still, spacious whole presence that you are, that everything is- is about accepting fully and being with what is here and now. When we hold this place, if only for a moment, our very presence creates a similar response in others to all that is in this moment, saying, ‘Yes!’….Oriah Mountain Dreamer

to love without restraint is the truest beauty of soul and grit…..it is here we become capable and clear……it is here we hold it all….the uglies and the strain….running into joy…..may we set ourselves on fire…..sweet, warm, vital….

Bringing Radical Acceptance into our life starts at the most basic level- becoming aware of the sensations that are continually taking place in our physical being. Henry David Thoreau wrote, ‘Dwell as near possible to the channel in which your life flows.’ This is how an embodied presence awakens us from a trance. We free ourselves at the ground level from the reactivity that perpetuates our suffering. When we meet arising sensations with Radical Acceptance, instead of losing ourselves in grasping and resisting, we begin the process of freeing ourselves from the stories that separate us. We taste the joy of being fully present, alive and connected with all of life……Tara Brach

lifting our faces to what we may lose

Our basic choice is to have the humility and courage to grow and open to life- or stagnate. All of us have our particular strand in the tapestry of creation to co-create. In this lifetime, we may be one of the barely visible background threads while others form the color and definition of the foreground design. Or we may be highly visible. Some threads are vivid and dramatic, others are subtle and serve as the backdrop against which the dramatic forms stand out better. All are needed, and any missing strand will detract from the integrity of the tapestry. So there is no reason to bemoan our place in the scheme of things. The important thing is to listen for our cues, know what our true task is, do it to the best of our ability, and be fully present where we are, now……Hillevi Ruumet

5 thoughts on “our limitless depths

  1. Absolutely a favorite, blue. To love without restraint is something so few can comprehend. There are always the rules, and (at least from my observation), the rules make it less (such that it is no longer the truth – no longer love). People speak of unconditional love, and yet I’m relatively certain most don’t understand what that means. Most want someone to love them unconditionally, but have no desire to extend the same………to love (and notice there is no if, and or but associated with it) no matter what – without fear, without worry, without the assurance that we will be loved the same. The sweetest of all – love that aspires to be nothing more (nothing less). To simply be is to simply love. May your day be umbrellas turned upside down to catch the essence of heaven. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • this is the ultimate trust in allowing life to unfold as it is supposed to…..I have trouble letting go of control sometimes, so I am very clear when I am able to do so….that faith is always there, palpable, and knowing….I just need an upside umbrella some days…….thank you for distilling the essence of unconditional love Bobbie……

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