grace-given wonderment

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Today I am pulling on a green wool sweater

and walking across the park in a dusky snowfall.

The trees stand like twenty-seven prophets in a field,

each a station in a pilgrimage- silent, pondering.

Blue flakes of light falling across their bodies

are the ciphers of a secret, an occultation.

I will examine their leaves as pages in a text

and consider the bookish pigeons, students of winter.

I will kneel on the track of a vanquished squirrel

and stare into a blank pond for the figure of Sophia.

I shall begin scouring the sky for signs

as if my whole future were constellated upon it.

I will walk home alone with the deep alone,

a disciple of shadows, in praise of the mysteries.

….Edward Hirsch

the cyclical pull of healing and nurturing teaches us to listen with our hearts, to paint our lives in a million shades of gold….this ordinary and precious intention acknowledges our limitations and transcends us beyond ourselves….a fine paradox of simplicity and longing….

Transformation is the final path in Creation Spirituality. To transform vision in to behavior is an ideal we serve. The human being is made up of opposites, is at home in opposites. We are both visionaries and activists. We have our feet on the ground and our head full of imagination. We live both outside and inside when we are whole.  Integration is an archetypal labor of our time.  Consciousness work is such a labor, and body work is such a labor. Awe is the basic connection between humans and the cosmos. It is the standard by which we measure our receptivity- to Work,  to  Grief, to Love, to  Creativity……M.C. Richards

every color, every storm, every shadow…..

Being mindful is a way to be with ourselves deeply and profoundly. It is a simple and natural thing to do. It is a way to practice being human, to practice being who you are. Many spiritual traditions embrace practices of being awake, of paying attention, of being present in our everyday experience. Guiding our attention to the present is our natural brighright. Only in the moment when we are attentive to our lives are we really living at all……Bernie Marek

7 thoughts on “grace-given wonderment

    • being mindful is deceivingly illusive…..our storyline is strong and our world is full of distractions……may you too, find peace in the simple breath…..blessings Francina…

  1. I wrote something called The Road to Awe, hard to recall the inspiration, but I do know it was about the challenge of living on the edge, walking the line, and coming back safely. Steve McQueen in the movie LeMans tells his friends wife that “to men who race, that’s life, everything that comes before or after, that’s just waiting.” So it is with all our passions, everything outside of them is just waiting. The road to awe is a destiny we should all seek. I fear too many spend all their time waiting ….

  2. How many flights are halted by worry of the wind? How many hands are cold without our touch? On a call with a friend this morning, he was fretting for being accused of loving ‘too much’…….. He didn’t understand, but I did (because I know him). I asked, ‘how long since you just let go, and let love be whatever it is to be’? He was pretty sure it hadn’t been since the last time I reminded him…….. The water waits, cool to our memory, fresh as the journey we’ve not yet remembered. This beautiful sweet moment – this is enough. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • …..such a sweet risk isn’t it? And I think it comes with layer upon layer of not listening….suddenly, enough! we must, we must be in that authentic soul-home….your poetry moves you forward and inward… amazing paradox of the finest inner light…..we all live better with your inspiring words Bobbie….

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