the purpose of light


We call down grace,

and gaze without wavering

into the fires of creation.

We find the place where

love embraces fear, and

tears taste like faith.

We let our radiance

be revealed in laughter

and in longing.

We hold the whole of life,

sweet grapes and bitter,

healing herbs-

We hold until we overflow

and offer back the gifts

that we’ve received.

The vessel never empties.

The growing love between

us keeps it filled.

….Danna Faulds


The path of transformation has no end. It’s a profound, lifelong commitment to moving up to something bigger, living in an evolving inquiry, asking with each new insight what’s possible, and loving the possibility of growing beyond who you know yourself to be. You have a North Star that illuminates your path to an extraordinary existence. I don’t literally mean a star, of course, but symbolically and energetically- a spiritual focal point that is within you, beyond you, and leads you toward something greater. It’s the bright future that you are living now. Your North Star empowers and informs your actions in this moment. It gives you your thoughts, attitudes, point of view, and body sensations in the present. As you put the practice of aligning to your North Star into action, you will do a lot of great clearing. You’re giving up bricks, letting go of old ways of being and seeing, releasing resentments and fears, cleaning up past messes, forgiving yourself and others, and dropping disempowering stories. The universe will not tolerate empty space, though, so if you’re not consciously filling it with new, positive actions and energy, what will? The past, by default…….Baron Baptiste

calling upon the divine in the everyday ignites our passion for moving within a moment rather than against it……fill up, spill over, receive……sipping sweetness in the lightness of being…..

How it stands there against the dark
of this late rainy hour, young and clean,
swaying its generous branches
yet absorbed in its essence as rose;
with wide-open flowers already appearing,
each unsought and each uncared-for….
So, endlessly exceeding itself
and ineffably from itself come forth,
it calls the wanderer, who in evening contemplation
passes on the road:
Oh see me standing here, see how unafraid I am
and unprotected. I have all I need.

2 thoughts on “the purpose of light

  1. embers glow
    of the place
    where yesterday
    a fire burned
    passion roared
    bidding us to stay
    I wish I had
    another –
    yet another waits
    me still
    beyond the rise
    of blue
    into the wake
    of always

    Started out with but an impression (holding) and yet, became words for posting (holding). Let us sink and breathe, rise, and remember and go. Love you, my friend. ~ Bobbie

    • it’s as if you led me to the north star, without my noticing……the wind called and there was my own heart, releasing…..I, too, like Rilke, have all I need…..beautiful gifts that soothe……love to you too dear Bobbie….

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