the bitter taste of light to dark

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When the white stars talk together like sisters
And when the winter hills
Raise their grand semblance in the freezing night,
Somewhere one window
Bleeds like the brown eye of an open force.
Hills, stars,
White stars that stand above the eastern stable.
Look down and offer Him.
The dim adoring light of your belief.
Whose small Heart bleeds with infinite fire.
Shall not this Child
(When we shall hear the bells of His amazing voice)
Conquer the winter of our hateful century?
And when His Lady Mother leans upon the crib,
Lo, with what rapiers
Those two loves fence and flame their brilliancy!
Here in this straw lie planned the fires
That will melt all our sufferings:
He is our Lamb, our holocaust!
And one by one the shepherds, with their snowy feet,
Stamp and shake out their hats upon the stable dirt,
And one by one kneel down to look upon their Life.
……Thomas Merton

and the sirens of faith lean down with a kiss and a promise and a lightening…..this is a profound letting go, a mystery within mystery……the edge of longing…..wishing into the keepsakes of forgotten strength……

This is what it is sometimes like when we are willing and able to really be here. When we let go of wanting things to be a certain way, when we let go of our certainty that we know how things should be, we find ourselves letting go of resisting or resenting what is true in this moment, truly at peace with being in what is often an unpredictable and sometimes messy human life. And in this acceptance we become a conscious participant in a larger flow. Awake to that flow, aware of the ever-changing and ceaseless movement of life, accepting of the ever-present cycle of birth and death and change, we are sometimes carried to a place that is filled with ease. Of course the flow of life, the wave of movement with which you come into alignment may set you down someplace you could not have imagined. And in every situation, no matter what options life presents to you, the choice about how to be where you are- here- remains yours…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

this soul moves….

The realm of consciousness is much vaster than thought can grasp. When you no longer believe everything you think, you step out of thought and see clearly the thinker is not who you are……..Eckhart Tolle

4 thoughts on “the bitter taste of light to dark

  1. Life carries us forward, into the bright night – into the soul awakened. We don’t change anything by holding on (other than delaying the divine plan), and yet we do. Sometimes, all we ever wanted is right there – awaiting our surrender – for the moment we close our eyes and fly……. Lovely as always, Blue. ~ Bobbie

    • this uncertainty unfolds new paths, releases unconscious gifts….and leaves a trail of embraced nuances…..the path is worn…..wishing you a sweet today Bobbie….

  2. the doer, the thinker, and the knower – there is destiny in thinking, and once we come to know that we think our way into the future, then we step out of thought as Tolle suggests, and step into conscious creation. After all what needs to be done, other than what we are doing now … May your moments this day bring you all you intended …

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