the depth of empowerment


Creativity is the making of a life and a world. It may require the courage to experiment, to stand against society, and to be eccentric in developing your own style of personality and life. You may have to learn to live the symbolic life: Those things that speak to the soul may or may not make sense to the practical world. Living creatively, you don’t constantly manufacture a future; you grow the life that is present. You go forward from exactly where you are in your thoughts, feelings, and fantasies to a place you have never known. Your soul is awake, and you have some spark of divinity in you……Thomas Moore

resurrection is a rekindling of life as the ultimate creative act…..what does it really mean to be true to oneself? probably not so dramatic, yet brave in its ordinary awakening, in each moment we walk through our day, step by step with amazement…..

Allow into your art and creative space these 7 gifts that come from working from your inner world:

-The courage to sit and wait.

-The curiosity to open closed doors and explore what is behind them.

-The ability to listen to yourself.

-An appreciation for the experience of all life.

-A respect for the power of your imagination.

-The compassion to try to embrace all things with unconditional acceptance.

-And an awe for the path of knowing.

……Nancy Azara

to crack open the creative code

The artist teaches us to behold- to hold being, to hold being in respect, even in reverence, to hold being as something sacred, as something alive and imbued with Spirit’s intentions and love. To hold being up- all of it, the joy and the sorrow, the beauty and the ugly- so that others might behold it first. And act next. It takes a big heart and courage to see the big picture and learn about it and study it and grow into the largeness of being. Anais Nin once said: ‘We write to taste life twice.’ I agree. I think we write to taste life twice, and we paint and dance and sing and compose and do all art to taste life twice. This opportunity to taste life is an invitation to go deeper, to miss nothing, to tell others, to experience the joy a second time in the telling and in handing on the depth and the mystery of life. When we behold, we become so struck by what is that we want to share. We call that sharing ‘art.’…….Matthew Fox

6 thoughts on “the depth of empowerment

  1. I am reminded of something from years ago. A couple of friends invited me to join them for dinner at one of those places where you have a painting project. I love painting, but realize that it is not my talent. Far from it……….the results would be nothing someone would hang with pride in their home, and yet………..those who know me can see ‘through’ to me in this work. It is something that took me a while to allow for I was always trying to be what others wished or perceived as talent……….instead of allowing my spirit (my truth)……….. It is more than putting pen to paper or a brush to canvas, it is an opening up – an allowance of more than we understand – more than we have ink to show or paint to impress………. Yes………. May colors strain to meet your spirit. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • this expressiveness, your vulnerability and the movement of your poetics all reflect a deep honesty and a breadth of creativity realized……you are color Bobbie…..

  2. To taste life twice we sit in the moment and allow it to pour through our art. Whether, music, painting, writing, or 100 variations of these. I knew a man who did custom painting on motorcycles who was as talented as any canvas painter I’ve met. He lived life through his art, lived it twice again and again … Each day we are given a chance to do live life a second time. Magic in the making !

    • eat life with 2 spoons……living in the art is so much more alive than doing art…..a lived aesthetic….a remembrance….divine attention… the beat poets here…..and the clear intention to create a fine meal… breathes us….may the pen and the soul collide g.f.s…..

  3. to experience the joy a second time in the telling and in handing on the depth and the mystery of life……………….Oh yes!

    I can taste it.

    • where the sensual and the numinous weave into the heart…..fresh like cream and ripe strawberries……may flowers alight in your winterscape…..blessings Eileen…..

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