the divine ground of sorrow


The more I am washed by the tears of others,

the more my heart rounds like an ocean shell.

…..Mark Nepo

this waking up, this softening of the dark, this leaving the cave, this dreaming into life, this becoming through initiation, this inner knowing of the other, this sorrow that holds all sorrows..

I wrote this after a dear friend had a brain aneurysm burst while in my home- All I could do was refuse to close my eyes and my heart as the fire surrounded us both, refuse to soften the edges with comforting explanations- whether of God’s plan or karmic lessons- I could not know to be true. Sometimes this is the only choice we have- to refuse or agree to stay awake as we are torn open by what is beyond our control. And I found that I can do it, if I choose to- I can stay awake and let the sorrows of the world tear me apart and then allow the joys to put me back together, different from before but whole once again…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

kaleidoscopic heart

Our habit is to think there is a particular cause for our happiness – the new green in early spring, the sound of a child’s laugh, or the sensations of playing in the ocean waves. But what actually allows us to be happy is the background space of silent, allowing presence. Each time we meet aliveness with presence, presence intensifies, and awareness senses itself. The living green awakens us to this inner space of presence, the laugh to presence, the sparkle and splash to presence. We are inhabiting our wholeness and are happy being who we are……Tara Brach

7 thoughts on “the divine ground of sorrow

  1. I read something interesting recently regarding those we would view as strong. As part of a research project, students went through the encyclopedia and wrote down the name of any American that garnered more than one column of information. It was their means for choosing those who ‘stood out’ from the rest in history. Once they had the list, they went back through and noted things that stood out (looking for patterns). Do you know what they found? They found that almost 50% of the persons identified had lost a parent before they were 20. A similar study showed that nearly 45% of all CEOs in this country were diagnosed at a young age with either dyslexia or some other learning disability. These numbers speak volumes. Leaders are born of those not afraid to fail (they have been failing all their lives). And the greatest of us are those who rise from the ashes of sorrow, knowing that the hallowed place will be filled, will be healed – will be opened even sweeter. We are all a part of this wonderful (beautiful) scar clan. ~ May the chasm be filled with divine gratitude for the hurt that calls you home. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

  2. Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s reflection pierced the darkness of my heartbreak over my 14 year old, beautiful, intelligent granddaughter’s attempted suicide and helped me find the grace in the pain.
    Thank you always for sharing such gifts of grace with us.

    • ….may you find solace by being held in the wisdom of treasured teachers and your own inner faith……blessings and prayers to you on this journey Eileen….

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