witness to the ways of the old soul

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I remember one vivid winter’s day at Versailles. Silence and calm reigned supreme. Everything gazed at me with mysterious, questioning eyes. And then I realized that every corner of the palace, every column, every window possessed a spirit, an impenetrable soul. I looked around at the marble heroes, motionless in the lucid air, beneath the frozen rays of that winter sun which pours down on us without love, like perfect song. A bird watching in a window cage. At that moment I grew aware of the mystery which urges men to create certain strange forms. And the creation appeared more extraordinary than the creators…..Giorgio De Chirico

we travel so far in this life…..no beginning, no end….just tribal wonder and a sedate wonderment into inner realms….come as you are…..

Love is a sacrament. Beauty is a sacrament. Peace is a sacrament. Creativity is a sacrament. These things course through us just as surely as our blood. These are our sacred bonds with the divine and with each other: they are sacraments administered by the divine through the human. By manifesting these divine energies, we commit sacred acts. The seeker of wisdom and truth asks to become the finest vessel through which such sacraments may pour forth……..Adriana Diaz

surrender to the inner light

Am I willing to give up what I have in order to be what I am not yet? Am I willing to let my ideas of myself, of man be changed? Am I able to follow the spirit of love into the desert? To empty myself even of my concept of emptiness?….M.C. Richards

2 thoughts on “witness to the ways of the old soul

  1. In reading this, I am reminded of moments when I might have thought my ways ended, and yet they had not. Looking back, those were but divine signs pointing toward the place I am now. Had I not traveled through chasms of darkness, or swam rivers of tears, I would never have rested on these pristine shores. Life is a continuous act of looking out beyond our circumstances, finding something worth holding…….something worth the trade of today. Truth sometimes shine brightest when held high on waves of adversity, made smooth with the sediment of assurance and hope. Our north star remembers us well. ~ Love to you always. ~ Bobbie

    • this eternal hope goes so much deeper than running from fear….it is enlivened by a fierce grit of faith…..may your tears soothe continue to smooth the shoreline Bobbie…..

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