wild wonder of the cosmos


To be enlightened by all things
is to remove the barriers
between one’s self and others.

we cannot have faith unless we create the space for wonderment, for bewilderment, for sparking mysteries…..no proof necessary…..remember the heart always knows…..we lead all vital functions, make all decisions, and discover our truth through the heart…..

It was science that brought me back to faith. Consider the twenty universal constants—Planck’s minimums of space and time, energy constants, etc—that were present from the Big Bang and that together allow for the formation of order in the universe and the existence of life. If any one of these twenty (like gravitational attraction) were even slightly different, in some cases by as much as a quarter of one percent, the universe would be a place of chaos, without stars or planets, without life of any kind. This means the universe is carefully fine-tuned to a breathtaking degree. The odds of all twenty universal constants being precisely what they are, by random chance, is ten to a power expressed as a 1 followed by 130 zeros. This is a number so large that if you were to write it out in ordinary mathematical notation, you would need many thousands of years to do so, and when you were finished, the paper on which you had written it would fill almost half the known universe. As a consequence of this and much else, many scientists I know are believers…..Dean Koontz

walk on the dead sea

If I was to name one of the struggles I often see in myself, friends and clients it would be this: the struggle to be with what we do not know & awareness of the vastness of what we do not control. So much suffering caused by pretending to know what we cannot, & by trying to control what is simply beyond our will. And when life takes us into awareness of these two, it is tempting to shut down in the face of such fierce realities- to close ourselves a little to life & love in the hopes of being safe. That we are resilient enough to open to life again & again, to feel joy after deep grief & sorrow- this is what fills me with awe for the life we have been given, for the life we are…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

2 thoughts on “wild wonder of the cosmos

  1. I have a good friend who has proudly claimed to be a non-believer for years. Over many a lunch, I’ve come to understand his stance as one of bitterness rather than a lack of proof. I’m fairly certain it’s not the food that keeps him close, but a hope that some of whatever I am feeling rubs off on him. Through alternating views, he imagines my world small and I imagine his safe. I love this. ~ May the stars align with your open windows. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • love this! your world is infinite and his is infinite and he doesn’t even know…..stars shine on all of us……lovely you, shining your light as always Bobbie….

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